Monday, March 6, 2023

Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

 Corona is mostly gone but the damage it did to the mental health of both liberals and conservatives, is still there. 

With liberals it's more or less obvious, all this triple masking, endless boosters and treating it as the new incarnation of Black Death in general, but what about conservatives?

Most of the internet Right went deep down the rabbit hole of various conspiracy theories. Corona doesn't exist, everybody who took the vaxx will die within 2 years (still waiting for this one), Western governments just want to kill everybody etc are bad enough, but with some people it went much further than that.

Take, e.g. Roosh. Before Covid started, I used to frequent his site and read the discussions quite regularly, but nowadays I seldom even bother. The guy is a trained microbiologist, yet he now entertains the theory that bacteria and viruses don't even exist, that the infectious disease doesn't exist, either, and practices harsh censorship banning every dissenter. 

It naturally attracts similar types. The latest pearl of wisdom I read over there is that brushing your teeth is not necessary and just "eating right" will be enough. I mean WT*? 

He's not the only one, of course. Some Gab personalities went right from "corona doesn't exist" to other major world events don't exist, for instance, what's currently happening in Ukraine is all "deep fake" apparently.  I mean, by this logic, how do I know that America exists? After all, I've never been there. May be you guys are all fake, after all?

Oh yes, and Damar Hamlin has been cloned. VD has been on this one, too, in between talking about getting rid of all the Boomers (some people really hate their parents, I guess). 

Frankly, it makes the Right sound retarded. We should be better than that.


  1. Roosh has completely lost it. His forum is also ridiculously antisemite. Apparently they haven't realized, that Jesus is a Jew. Like saint Josemaria Escriva said, he loves Jews, because Jesus is a Jew, and he says IS, because Jesus Chirst is the same today, tomorrow and forever.

    Some men started that forum for catholic men, when Roosh kicked non-orthodoxes out. These seem to be slightly more sane. Really hating protestant, though, just like Roosh and his entourage. Apparently we do not serve the same God.

  2. The most important thing about Jesus is that he is the Son of God, I'd say. The nationality doesn't really figure into it. A traditional Christian view is that Jews like everyone else should be converted to Christianity. However, since I have also Jewish readers, I'd rather not discuss this topic.

  3. Lol, I'm not sure how it happened, but the anonymous above was me:)

    Anyway, I just prefer not to discuss certain topics on this blog such as race or nationality/ethnicity stuff so I seldom touch it. Those who like more in depth discussions on theology and modern political issues could go to Will at Patriactionary, they write a lot about these things.