Thursday, March 30, 2023

Marijuana Bad For Male Fertility

 I guess that's why it's being heavily promoted lately, including in "alternative right" circles:

CANNABIS could reduce the size of a man's testicles and impact sperm quality, a study claims.

THC — the psychoactive chemical in the drug — hits male fertility but changes can be reversed when users stop taking it, scientists found...

Dr Jason Hedges, of the ONPRC, said: “We understand that for teens and young adults, family planning might not be top of mind. 

And that's exactly the target audience. 

“However, THC even in moderate doses could impact their fertility outcomes, so this is a serious concern for us as healthcare providers.

“The more we can understand and define this issue, the better information we can provide to patients to be able to optimise their reproductive health.”

Read the whole article over here. 


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