Sunday, September 18, 2022

Legalising Weed Was Not A Good Idea

“I started seeing people with the worst psychosis symptoms that I have ever seen,” she told me. “And the worst delusions I have ever seen.”

These cases were even more acute than what she’d seen from psychotic patients on meth. Some of the delusions were accompanied by “severe violence.” But these patients were coming up positive only for cannabis.

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How Weed Became the New OxyContin


  1. The problem is these modern weed varieties are way too potent and causing problems for some people. On one hand, drug use like this is not something to encourage, but then locking them up in jail is not a great solution either in my opinion. I've never used the stuff since I generally hate smoking.

  2. Yes, the article mentions it! As for prison, imo, it should be reserved for the dealers, not the users. In case of hard drugs, execution of drug dealers works very well, look at the Asian countries:)