Monday, August 2, 2021

Violence In Europe

Chaos In Berlin 

I should add that there were also mass protests on Saturday, among others in France, Italy and Amsterdam.

Also, Germany hasn't introduced corona passport yet, they are right now scaring dissenters into submission speaking theoretically about "what could happen if cases reached a certain number".

Americans on the Telegram were blaming "nazi". It's an amazing thing that NSDAP was utterly destroyed and defeated by the Allies in the 1945 and yet, so many people are still valiantly fighting against   nazi boogiemen some 75 years after the fact. No, the current government of Germany aren't Nazi any more than the current government of the USA is, they are the children and grandchildren of those put in power by the winners.


  1. Calling someone or a government Nazi is not about identifying them correctly. It is a slur meaning the individual or government wants to take away freedoms and impose their will on someone.

  2. Imagine there is a village in the woods which keeps getting attacked by wolves. They kill livestock, and sometimes even humans and make life in general impossible. Yet the village elders say that all the problems are because of monkeys which don't even live in that climate. So instead of addressing the real problem of the predatory wolves, the population of the village keeps searching for non-existing monkeys.

    That's exactly what is going on with "nazi" slur, it's a distraction. Call them what they are, commies...

  3. You're right about the "nazi" slur as a distraction. That's exactly what is supposed to be.

    Proper speech and identification of the real issues has been completely abandoned in the U.S. Everything is about evoking emotional responses and political one upsmanship. Everything.

    Very few people here are interested in an honest dialog about anything, because an honest discussion or questions about ideas will undermine all the work they've done creating a nation of useful idiots.

  4. Elspeth, yes, and while we all are wasting time and energy ranting about "nazis", the globalist agenda keeps going unchecked.