Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Miraculous Healing?

 they do happen!

I'd had tendinitis in my wrist for a couple of months. It started when I was turning a mattress. I tried Chinese acupressure, bandages and ointments, nothing helped. Luckily , it didn't cause much pain, but the swelling was always present. It's my right hand, too.

Now if you do a search on it, the official medical info will tell you that you need medication and probably also an operation.  I decided just to wait and see since it wasn't bothering me that much.

Then I caught a cold. Nothing special but with this "delta variant" scare I wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible so I decided to try some vit.C. Now I have read that our bodies don't really absorb synthetic vit.C supplements well, especially in doses higher than 250 mg (mcg? I forget what it is), so I bought cranberry juice instead. Not the sugary mix from the supermarket either, but the real thing, pure and undiluted (it tastes horrible).

The cold became better after a couple of days, but since I already opened a bottle  I kept drinking it for several more days. Mostly put a tablespoon in my tea. When the bottle was finished, the next day the swelling in my wrist was gone completely. Just like that.

I haven't done anything different, outside of cranberry juice and an extra helping of yogurt in the morning, but it couldn't be yogurt, could it now? I think cranberry juice. 


Anyway, it proves that natural remedies work and that our food and drink influence us more than we think.


  1. Vitamin C is necessary for cellular repair and other healing processes. No surprise that it worked. It did what it is meant to do. Good job!

  2. Well, apparently cranberry juice is good for more things than UTIs:

  3. Your healing could also be attributed to time. The body needs time to repair itself. I'm sure the Vit C helped too!

  4. I doubt it, it happened so suddenly. But who knows...