Monday, December 30, 2019

How To Survive on 10$ A Week

Those of us struggling financially will probably find these videos interesting:

How to Eat for $10 a Week Part 1


Check her 1$ meal series, they are good, too!


  1. She must live in an area where there is either tons of competition, or a government subsidy on milk, I've not seen that kind of price since I was a teen, fifty years ago. Otherwise, great shopping. Milk in my town is over $4 per gallon for the store brand and over $5 for the name brand.

  2. How much is a gallon, 2.5 lt? Here the price would depend on the fat content, a liter full fat would cost close to 1 euro (and more) if it's organic, while buttermilk is the cheapest at about 75c a liter, but according to my calculations it would be possible to do a similar challenge over here though you'd have to buy slightly different things, but it's doable. In her place, I'd take onions instead of scallions, they are very cheap, have vit.C in them and are real vegetables. She's quite low on vegetables, imo. You should check the comments on the 2nd vid, folks had some great suggestions, too.

  3. Here in Finland cheapest milk (skimmed) is like 60 cents for litre. Gallon is 3,8 litres.

    I tried to calculate that with finnish prices. Well, it is possbile to not starve with that amount of money but ones nutrition would be compromized. It would be oatmeal, eggs, carrots, potatoes, peas and maybe tiny drop of meat for that pea soup one should eat for a week.

    I forums I have read some people survive with 20 euros weekly budget and some even with 10 euros. But they usually pick berries themselves from the woods and fish or something. Otherwise they will be very low on protein and vitamins.

  4. Also, lack of spices would make my life miserable. But then again, that's how people ate when my mother was a child: porridge with milk or homemade jam, and bread and butter, some eggs (if you had your own chicken, eggs were pricey), vegetable soup with very little meat in it.

    People even used to top their bread with cooked carrot or beetroot slices and only very little butter, because butter was pricey, too -and rationed during the war.

  5. Your milk is cheaper than ours. You wouldn't find even skimmed milk for 60 ct a liter, I'm afraid. Our eggs are also way more expensive than hers, prob. because cage eggs are forbidden, which is a good thing, imo. However, one could easily find minced meat for 2 something half kilo. I forget how much it costs because I mostly buy organic, which is more expensive.

    Here is a 10 pages discussion of what people used to eat in Britain in the 1950s and it's not much different from what you said. I think half the world still eats like this, honestly.

  6. Interesting that milk is so expencive in Holland? Do you use all your milk on cheese and sell it to other countries? Because I just bought two different cheeses made in Holland, Old Gouda And Maasdam and they were 9,90 euros/kg. And I wondered how come you guys make so delicious and cheap cheese? Finnish cheese is usually expensive and tasteless.

  7. Cheap??? I buy cheese by Aldi for 6.45/kg. Honestly, I don't know why milk is so expensive. It could be because of taxes or environmental rules or it could be that your government subsidizes your milk and ours doesn't. Sometimes dairy products go on sale, last week I bought 2 lt organic buttermilk for something like 1.20 which would make it 60 ct per liter but it doesn't happen very often:)