Monday, December 23, 2019

And...They Are All Girls!!!

The "gender reveal party" was quite a shock for me, as by some strange reason, I was perfectly sure that one was a female while three others were toms. I had to ask the vet if he weren't by any chance mistaken or just kidding me:)

Today is their last day together as tomorrow one of the girlies will leave us for her new owner, a very nice old lady, as a Christmas present from her family and after Christmas, two other sisters will follow suit. I think I'm going to cry...

But there is good news: we have decided to keep the last one so after the holidays I'm going to introduce to you our new family addition!


  1. I love the kittens! My cat looks like them. His name is Eutychus because he almost died at birth, but the owner and his kitty mama saved him from death! He is our little special kitty.

  2. Christi, what a story! I'm so glad he lives! Our kittens have all left us by now, except one and it's much quieter so we are finally enjoying some peace, after 3 months:)