Monday, October 8, 2018

The Wages Of Sin?

Here is an interesting study titled:

The Relationship between Multiple Sexual Partners and Mental Health in Adolescent Females 

It claims, among other things. that
Females tend to suffer from depression at a rate two to three times higher than their male counterparts, and these gender differences are known to begin during adolescence [3]. Adolescent depression has been linked to violence [4], smoking [5,6] substance use [7], eating behaviors [8] and increased suicide risk [9,10]. It also has been linked to sexual activities [6]...

...romantically involved adolescents, especially females, were more likely to be depressed than those who were not [11]. Hallfors et al. also found that adolescents who engaged in any sexual activities were at increased odds for reporting depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts [12]. Again, the odds were higher for females than males.

The study discovered that depression rates in girls increase with the number of sexual partners they have:

The main finding of this study is that a relationship exists between mental health and number of sexual partners. As the number of lifetime sexual partners increases, the prevalence of sadness, suicide ideation, making a suicide plan, and attempting suicide also increases.

It's almost like pair-bonding were a real thing or something...



  1. Correlation does not mean causation.

    I think this just tells that emotionally unstable women tend to have more intoxicants and more casual sex. Casual sex does not cause mental problems, but is a telltale of a person who already has them, or has high risk for developing them.

    So it makes sense why men don't want women with loose morals, no matter how loud feminists scream "slut shaming": maybe it is in their genes to know that those women are unstable in many ways? That is what the red pill -men claim, isn't it? And since there isn't so high correlation between men's casual sex and mental health problems, it makes sense that people have always had somewhat looser attitude when it comes to young men and their wild oats -thing...

  2. I'm not sure I fully agree with you. Through sex women bond to men they have sex with. After they've had several partners, this bonding mechanism gets broken, which means that if these women marry, they have more chance to divorce. There are studies which prove this. Also, since it's a hormonal thing, it must work havoc on a young female's hormones, to keep switching partners. It will also often leave her with feeling of being worthless. Men are different in that respect, but even for them casual sex means lower testosterone (I posted a link to the research on this topic some time ago.

    Also, people had looser attitude to men's escapades because men don't get pregnant. Plus, men have always born the brunt of doing heavy/risky/unpleasant jobs and the society cut them some slack as a reward:) Just think of it, if a medieval girl got pregnant out of wedlock and the father disappeared, just how would she survive unless her family/community took care of her and the baby? Naturally they weren't thrilled if something like this happened:)

  3. I get your point. I think we may be both right.