Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Men And Hormones

What creates a soyboy? Presumably soy consumption, you will say:) But is this the only reason so many men around us appear to lack masculinity?

In one of the previous posts I linked to an article the author of which suggests that unfeminine behaviour in women will cause hormonal imbalance thus making them more feminist. It's also well known that certain actions, such as handling weapons can increase testosterone in men (which is probably one of the reasons the globalist elites want to forbid or severely restrict gun rights around the world).

Thus, your behaviour will influence your physiologically. So what about this modern trend of young men running around with babies and toddlers and changing nappies while their wives earn a living? If handling weapons increases testosterone what does handling babies increase? Estrogen? I doubt the MSM have our best interests at heart when they promote certain behaviours.

There is an old saying, fake it until you make it. Physical fitness and good diet are essential, but so is behaving in a masculine manner, I guess!


  1. Wow. Now I know why I like gun-shooting deer-hunting men!

    Too bad I like shooting, too...

  2. Oh I think shooting is a valuable skill in some situations, also for women:) But yes, I agree with your taste in men, even though I'm a bit on the hypocritical side of things - I love eating deer but wouldn't want to hunt it myself, they are kinda cute:)

    1. I don't shoot animals either. I just like shooting target. I let my hubby do the killing. :)

  3. What creates soyboys? Our anti-culture, but also: female hormones from birth control pills, entering the water table from excreta, consumed by all of us...

  4. The pill theory is worth consideration and yet...immigrant males drink the same water and are much less soy:) there must be more to it than just the pill!

  5. Housewife,
    sounds like a reasonable division of labour:)