Sunday, October 21, 2018

Are Conservatives Anti-Family?

Here is an interesting article on the topic of American conservatism, published by Rod Dreher. Be sure to check the comments, too!


  1. pro-life america can be different than pro-life Europe because of "minority culture" or heritage....

    I've never been to "Europe" but I do know that indigenous american would know how to "live off the land" and let "grandma watch the children".....more as an effective pro-natal method of keeping up with the tribal ways of life..... in some way or another. Day-care to some is an "evil thing" in certain people's opinions (perhaps minority driven effects or fears).

    And once again the high "health care costs"..... are really sad. There is only one thing we can do about that....pray pray pray....and also know how to homebirth or find a way to limit use of healthcare systems when giving birth (earth momma things).

  2. As some of the commentors wrote, live a less affluent lifestyle (ie. move in with relatives, one parent income, grow own food etc.) and listen less to the "fear mongers".....what if the child breaks a bone? Run to the *insurance company* or run to the sticks-wrappings-duct tape until further notice. Stop living for "image" and start living for Christ, otherwise the bad character stuff and possessions will come out of the bag and haunt a person.

    One thing I would fear is "instituion day-care" and indoctrination of children......for a variety of reasons....does this mean we should give up because of those things? No.

  3. I agree with the last part of the post, which was from a reader. It just takes faith to have children, not money or security. Babies don't know if they are poor, only if they are warm, fed, and loved. We live in very complex times, but when has the world ever experienced the kind of security that that particular man wants before having children? NEVER! Life on earth has always been precarious, risky, and scary. But with faith in God and in ourselves we can have children, raise them and enjoy the blessings and joy that come from doing that. Here's my thought about medical insurance: It needs to be completely privatized, and decoupled from our employment. We should be able to purchase it like we purchase vehicle or home insurance, according to our needs and wants; with no deductible or a huge one. It should be portable from state to state so that we purchase a policy for ourselves, add a spouse, or a child when we acquire them and it follows us for as long as we pay the premium. The cost of insurance would come way down, and shopping for a doctor or hospital would be like shopping for a mechanic or a garage. The pressure of competition from consumers would drive the costs of the actual medical care way down. As a component, tort reform would have to take place so that patients disgruntled at less than Godlike miraculous outcomes wouldn't be able to sue a doctor out of existence. But that's a lot of change, and politicians don't have the principles and values to make the changes, they are too worried about their re-elections, promising more "free stuff" than about giving us back our liberties and responsibilities for self.

  4. I'm rather ambivalent about the post in question. I agree about living less affluent lifestyle (and in fact, addressed it many times on this blog). On the other hand, when the wife is in labour and there is danger for her and/or the baby, there is no normal man in the world who will say, OK, let the nature sort it out, after all, 100 years ago it was normal to die in child birth. In such moments, people will be ready to sacrifice everything to save their loved ones. And then they find out that the insurance company refuses to pay on some technicality, as it apparently happened to the man's cousin. It's simply not right.

    USG subsidises foreign countries, why not having a normal insurance system for your own people?

  5. Health care system in America leaves me absolutely speechless. Here in Finland you get payed if you have kids. Staying in hospital may cost you 30 euros per day, but all treatments are free.

    In this link you can see how much people get payed if they have kids. And yet people are unwilling to reproduce.

    It is not money, why people do not reproduce. If it was, everybody in Finland would have 12 kids. People just don't feel safe anymore. Which is ridiculous because world is actually safer than ever. Maybe it is the lack of Faith? I am sure that is one of my reasons for not feeling safe and not having kids.

    In the past people also understood better that bad things happen and you cannot control everything. Somehow it gave them more courage. Nowadays we think that if we control everything, nothing bad will happen, and yet we are afraid all the time.

    Culture is too individualistic. That, and women working, make women too neurotic. Men would be fine, if women weren't crazy. Oh, and the Pill makes us even crazier.

  6. We don't get payed that much for kids, however, in France and Germany you can live off the money the government gives you when you have something like 5 children. The only people willing to do it are foreigners...

    I agree that our sickness is spiritual. We are a decadent culture which values material wealth above everything else, like family, friends and community. Comes with feminism, I guess. I couldn't find a link but seem to remember reading that Romans pointed out that once culture becomes feminised, men forget about duty and only seek pleasure and luxury, in the way some (empty-headed) women do.