Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Didn't Need A Mortgage

These folks were like some real-life hobbits. In fact, people pointed out in comments that J. Tolkien was probably inspired by them. An interesting thing is that families kept living like that till about mid-1960s, when the government started encouraging them to move to "nice modern houses" which nowadays nearly always means taking a mortgage or being dependent on the rental company. It's like being plugged into a matrix vs being independent.

Are banks really behind the majority of modernity's troubles??? Who knows...


  1. This was interesting. In one Jules Verne book (Journey to the Center of the Earth)they were in Iceland and stayed overnight in a house like this. But Verne imagined it would be dreadfully cold inside.

    I would love a house like that.

  2. I think I read this one but long ago. Didn't they encounter dinosaurs and stuff? I think A. Conan Doyle had a similar story, too, "The Lost World" or something?

    The narrator in the vid said something along the lines that the houses were good insulated and heated by the body warmth of their inhabitants. Or may be, I read it in the comments. I forget which.