Friday, September 21, 2018

Another Daycare Horror

"A 52-year-old day care worker is accused of stabbing five people...Police say they recovered a butcher knife and a meat cleaver at the scene, reports NBC New York....

"Seven infants were inside the facility when the woman attacked a female co-worker and the children just before 4 a.m., according to an official. 

A 3-day-old girl and a 1-month-old girl were stabbed in the stomach; a 20-day-old girl had a laceration to her ear, chin and lip. All are in critical but stable condition, authorities said. Two other people, a father of a child at the day care and another woman who worked there, were also stabbed at the Flushing center just before 4 a.m. Friday. The woman was stabbed eight times in the torso. -NBC New York"

A 3-day-old girl in a daycare setting, in the middle of the night, stabbed in the stomach??? What the heck is a short-term residential care facility ? Is that a daycare in an apartment complex? Words fail me...

Read the whole article over here. 

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