Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rest And Homemaker

I've been rather busy this couple of days so instead of writing a lengthy post, I'd just like to highlight one by Lydia Sherman from Home Living on the importance of rest for a homemaker:

Lady Resting

It includes the video on the same topic. Do you have any ideas on the subject? Have you ever tried resting in the afternoon? Feel free to share your experiences!


  1. I definitely subscribe to Lady Lydia's advice regarding rest in the afternoon. In fact, it was due to her post some time ago about the importance of it, that I gave myself "permission" to rest, and have reaped the benefits of it ever since.
    Even if it's only for an hour, I will get off my feet with a coffee or cup of tea and relax.
    I find it gives me the energy to then prepare dinner and do the tidying up afterwards.

    Sometimes, if I have slept poorly the night before, I will go for a "lie down" and nap for an hour. It really does help so much.

    I remember that when I worked out of the home, I would dread coming home so tired and then still having to cook and clean up. I wasn't able to take the opportunity to rest and in the evenings, I would feel anxious and cross.

    I am very grateful to Lydia for hilighting the issue, and to you Sanne, for opening it up for discussion too.


  2. You are welcome, Christine!

    Lydia is probably unique in stressing the importance of rest for women at home as many other Christian homemaking blogs are all about how to be a superwoman, homeschooling 10 kids, having a successful home business, growing all your own food etc. In our culture, we are afraid to admit that a woman is a weaker vessel, I guess.

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  4. I have paid the price physically, of doing to much. Even young women who work as though they are athletes may pay the price when they are older. The Bible calls women weaker vessels for several reasons. Obviously we are made differently than men and need to take care of our bodies and minds in a different eay. Rest is restorative and I think my idea of laying down and getting up off and on in the afternoon is effective.

  5. Housewife from FinlandMarch 30, 2016 at 9:04 AM

    I am also so very grateful for lady Lydia's posts about the importance of resting. She is very wise woman, I find. :)

    It is amazing how hard it can be, though, even for a childfree housewife. I have the very bad habit of being stuck in the internet, at that does really not count as resting. My body cannot rest, and quite often my brain gets angry. :)

    But I do put my feet up every morning after I have walked my dog. I usually do that 15-30 minutes, and often I have another liedown after dog's afternoon walk, before I start making dinner.

    I, too, used to think that I must be superwoman. I am so happy I have found christian blogs where people say it straight, that woman is a weaker vessel and she is ALLOWED to be one.

  6. Internet works like a magnet:) The trick is to read more positive than negative things, I guess.

  7. I learnt it hard way, too. I have 're-programmed' myself by thinking back my childhood years how did my mother arrange her days. She definitely knew the value of rest. Maybe she learnt it hard way, too.

    I found a new blog resently:

    She seems to plan, not only her weekly work and meals, but her fun too. I think it is a genius idea! In the same way weekly/daily rest can be planned. If you work for another there are laws regarding it.

    And never underestimate the power of naps :-)

  8. Thanks for the link, Miriam! I'm more of a spontaneous person but I can see the value of planning things beforehand.

    I noticed nowadays women are supposed to engage in a lot of activity just for the sake of it. You will get negative reactions if you are caught napping.

  9. I am also (very) spontaneous, which I consider to be a strength, but your strength can be your weakness, too. If everybody else's needs are more important than your own, it can lead to a burn-out. I think the key is to have balance :-)

    Wishing everybody a restful weekend!

  10. Housewife from FinlandApril 1, 2016 at 2:52 AM

    Sometimes it really takes discipline to take the rest you need. I don't have a timetable, but I have rules; I must rest after the morning walk and I am not allowed to open the computer before lunch (unless I really have to take care of something).

  11. Thanks, Miriam, you too!

    Housewife, it's true because there is always so much work to do around the house. BTW, do you keep to this computer rule? I'm notoriously bad at things like that.

  12. Housewife from FinlandApril 1, 2016 at 8:45 AM

    I break my computer rule only if I am sick or really down. The rule allows exceptions in cases like that, but it is very rare. :) Since I have Asperger's syndrome, I kind of obsess about my rules. ;)

  13. I obsess about the rules, too, but it doesn't prevent me from breaking them:)