dinsdag 15 maart 2016

Like Two Brothers

Aren't they funny?

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  1. Housewife from Finland15 maart 2016 om 08:59

    Lovely. :)

  2. Those two are the most peaceful cats I've had. They hardly ever fight at all. Not sure still whether I really like it:)

  3. Cats are highly intelligent but less than some dog breeds such as a Border Collie or a German Shepherd. I wish we could have a dog, but since we don't have a garden it's not a sensible idea.

  4. Housewife from Finland16 maart 2016 om 06:58

    We do not have a garden and our dog is nordic hunting breed and she does just fine. She just needs quite a lot of exercise. And she likes to spent time on our balcony, watching squarrels.

    One of the huge benefits of being a housewife is that one can have a dog. :) I love dogs, but I would never have one if I had to leave him alone for several hours every day.

  5. What for sort dog is it exactly? Is it big? My husband likes huskies. We always run about and when you have a dog you can't as easily go away for a weekend...

  6. But I love dogs, too. They say border collies are the most intelligent of all dog breeds. They can learn 1000+ words.

  7. Housewife from Finland17 maart 2016 om 11:45

    I just wrote you a long comment but is vanished. Damn. Shortly: our dog is grey norwegian moose dog, they are usually 20-25 kg so not that big, nor small. They look like this:

    And I also love huskies, we have been in a husky safari twice in Lappland and it was wonderful.

  8. Housewife, your dog is very beautiful. My husband says he's green with jealousy because of a husky safari:)


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