Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tired Of Waiting For The World To End

Some time ago I was asked to write a post about how news can influence a homemaker for the worse, so here it comes:)

I've had it with the mass media. Not only the so-called MSM (mainstream media), but the alternative media as well. No, I'm not going to live like a hermit, but I'm planning to seriously restrict the amount of blogs and forums (fora?) which I follow. The reason is that I'm getting tired of all the doom and gloom.

We all know that MSM is liberal and sensationalist, that it often censors the dissenting opinions and spreads progressive propaganda and sometimes downright lies. Journalists often use scaremongering (global warming) to increase support for the liberal cause. The alternative right media, on the other hand, are often the mirror copy of MSM, heavily engage in "despair p0rn" and are busy with promoting their own end-of-the-world scenarios.

MSM predicts that Christianity will soon disappear and we will all live in a "brave new world." Christians often agree and in general, exhibit an attitude best described by the phrase "why polishing the brass on a sinking ship."

MSM talk about global warming, alternative internet sites discuss global cooling, the coming new Ice Age and how we'll all subsequently die from hunger after the next major volcano eruption. Sometimes I sincerely wonder how one manages to get through life with this attitude without hanging himself first thing in the morning.

MSM are full of feminist propaganda. Men bad, women good. Women are always victims. Patriarchy, bla bla. Anti-feminists talk about how men are always innocent victims of women and how everything bad what happens in the world is the fault of the weaker sex. Women apparently lurk at every corner planning how to screw another hapless male victim. They only marry so that later they can divorce a man and rob him of his savings. Women bad, men good. Gynocracy bla, bla. See the similarity?

 And so it goes. Now we are having a new global scare - Ebola. As of now, there are reportedly about 1200 people who died from Ebola in Africa. It is supposedly a crisis of world proportions. On the other hand, according to WHO, 3000 children in Africa die daily from malaria, and yet we hardly hear about it. in 2010, about 300 000 people world wide died from cholera, and there was nothing in the news about it. Add to this plague, typhoid fever (190 000 deaths in 2010), and the like and you start thinking what is all this hype about.

This world we live in is full of dangers. There is always something happening somewhere. If you are going to follow it all, you'll have no life. There is also little use in getting all upset about something we can't change. I noticed I'm feeling the happiest when I'm on vacation because I don't read, hear or watch the news. Then I can just concentrate on the little things that matter, instead of the latest outrage.

In short, I finally got tired of waiting for the world to end. I took a decision that since now on I'm going to simply enjoy life, day by day. It's always the little things in life which matter most, your child's first smile, a sunny day after the storm, a fresh-baked apple pie, an evening walk with your husband. A homemaker should try to create a peaceful atmosphere in her home, which is next to impossible if we spend all our time worrying about the news.


  1. Thank you thank you. Will link to this in my recent post.

  2. You are welcome! I'm glad you liked it...

  3. Loved this. I am heading to the kitchen now to bake Blueberry muffins:)

  4. Blueberry muffins? Sounds good:)

  5. Amen! The Lord is at the helm and all is under His sovereign control.
    I am joining you in enjoying my days that He has given to me.

  6. I totally agree with all of you. We need a vacation from the doom and gloom. There is nothing we ourselves can do other than pray for it all. Sitting and worrying does nothing to change anything. Making a nice meal for the family or cutting a boutique of flower for the neighbor does more to help our little close world. Keeping our minds on Who is in control and what we should be doing is a better way of living. And the peace washes over you as you quietly go about your daily life. :) Sarah

  7. There is an old saying, do your duty and whatever will be, will be.

  8. Thank you for this post, Sanne! I find it too easy to get caught up in the endless debates and troubles which take precious time and energy from my duties as wife and mother. Again, thank you!


  9. You are welcome, Camille! Unfortunately, (Christian) women nowadays are taught to be worrying about something happening in far-away countries, instead of their own home and family.

  10. Excellent post! I agree with your observations. Because of the doom and gloom that takes over our news sources and even our social media, I've drastically reduced my exposure to the MSM and since everyone in my friends list seems to want to post a link to some depressing, sensationalized news piece, I'm finding myself getting away from Facebook. There isn't anything I can do about what's going on in the world, nor has God called me to try, but I can control what goes on in my home and with my family. My focus is to make a peaceful corner of the world for us to exist. That is what God has called me to do.

  11. Well, I'm not Polyanna and realise very well that things aren't going well. It's just that after WWII people of the West have experienced unknown previously peace, welfare and prosperity and gradually have become accustomed to the idea that it's something normal and it will go on like this. However, when we look back at history, we'll see that the life of most people in the past consisted of enduring hardships and yet they managed to be much more optimistic than we are now. Yes, there are wars, epidemics and all sorts of scary things going on, but our ancestors had experienced things worse than that and went on and built the greatest civilisation that ever existed. The north wind created Vikings.

  12. Hardships are considered a great enemy of consumerism. Buying is breathing nowadays. When you need something, you must purchase it just made by somebody else. The abundance created by consumerism is a strategy of changing social freedom. It's going to end very soon, like a short candle that still has a very strong flame exactly because it's over. Most people push the panic button when they realise how much the world has been changing and how little we can do to keep the good old rules. Panic is a bad strategy to fight this new world order. I think we should call God for help, the way is very narrow and hard to find but there is a way. But this way is not abundance and wealth, but hardships and frugality. We shouldn't take God's to do list over our weak shoulders. Food and survival is something that God offers if we do God's will. The rest is consumerism, I guess.