Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Links

Lady Lydia on handshake vs hugging:
Will You Not Shake Hands With Me?

What's Wrong With Equal Rights reviews I Love Lucy:
A Personal Reflection on "I Love Lucy"

An interesting article about a retro couple:
Living Like in the 1950s Saved Their Marriage

Reflections on daycare:
Why Child Care Will Always Cost Too Much

One woman describes her journey to homemaking:
An Escapee From Engineering

Gluttony kills:
Obese woman suffocates on food

Christianity and Leftism:
Whether Leftism is a Christian Heresy

Darla Shine on career mothers:
Women going back home

Mothers at home improve quality of life for everyone, including neighbours:
Norwegian study shows the surprising benefit of a stay-at-home mother


  1. Thank you for gathering these links for us I know I can come here and find thought provoking articles that are dear to my heart. I had seen some of the links you listed already so again I know you and I agree on things! I will check out the rest now. Sarah

  2. You are welcome, Sarah!
    Keep in mind I don't always agree with everything on the blogs I link to,
    however, one can disagree with some things, and still find other articles interesting and, as you said, thought-provoking.