Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Dangers Of Alcohol

Some time ago I wrote a post discussing health benefits of alcohol, which probably cost me some readers, so today I'm going to write another one, this time about the dangers of (excessive) alcohol consumption.

While moderate drinking can probably have at least some health benefits as I mentioned before, there are several problems with alcohol. First, it is addictive, and because it is legal, people tend to overindulge, and many are not aware that alcohol withdrawal may be fatal.

Another problem with alcohol is that it removes inhibitions and makes people do stupid things they will most certainly regret later, like getting into fights or sleeping around. I think we all have heard about "beer goggles" (I think this song gives a pretty good summary of why you shouldn't drink) which make every woman beautiful, but while Western men were getting drunk for centuries, until recently the only females who kept them company, were "ladies of easy leisure".

However, nowadays drinking among teenage girls and young women seems pretty much the norm, and as this blogger points out may be one of the reasons of increased female promiscuity. It's a good idea to teach your daughters not to get drunk, especially in company of (strange) men.

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