maandag 2 september 2013

It's This Time Of The Year Again!

Time to go out and pick blackberries and make jam! Don't forget about the importance of  looking glamorous while doing it:)

We gathered about 1.5 kg yesterday, if you bought all these berries in the supermarket it'd cost you about 20 euros!Yesterday I put half a kilo through the blender together with the equal amount of sugar, the result was delicious. The blender died though, but it was old anyway so who cares:)

Today I made jam out of the rest of the berries:

 Making blackberry jam is very easy if you have jellified sugar, unfortunately I couldn't find it so I had to substitute normal sugar for it and just cooked the mixture longer, for about 10 minutes. Monday is always a busy day in my household so this will be a short post.

I'm leaving you with some Brahms (Blackberries are called bramen in Dutch:), so enjoy:


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