Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wearing Dresses

The dress I bought with my birthday money.

Yesterday while watching the coronation ceremony I noticed that TV hosts were especially interested in the dresses the ladies were wearing. Just like royal weddings, it was a fashion show of sorts. Lots of women are glued to their tellies when a thing like this happens and afterwards all those beautiful clothes will be discussed at length.

Modern women seem to be very much interested in dresses, but by some reason they prefer watching them on the TV to wearing them. Isn't it strange? Dresses don't have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can buy a decent looking, knee-long summer dress at the market for as little as 15 euro. Shops are full of them, too. We are actually blessed to live in the times when there is so much choice.

Contrary to what some people think, you don't have to always wear heels with your dresses. A nice pair of flats will look well, too. If the dress is too low-cut, you can always wear a shirt underneath. Sleeveless dresses can also be nicely combined with cardigans. Dresses are cool in summer and in winter you can wear them with woolen tights/leggins and boots, and you will look smart.

I find it weird that for many people wearing dresses seems to be a religious issue, as if you have to belong to a certain church like Mennonites to wear them. Until the 1990s when grunge style took over, dresses were just normal feminine clothes for every day, and nobody stared if you wore them. I find them infinitely more comfortable than pants, especially tight jeans which will show every extra ounce of fat which you have.

When we visited Paris we stayed in a hotel and all the ladies of the hotel staff wore dresses. It was just normal uniform for women. and they cleaned the rooms and worked in the kitchen all while wearing a dress. Nobody seemed surprised at this, except us.

In fact, there are few things which you can't do in a dress. As shown in my post on  Victorian women and sports and the one on retro casual  a woman can do a variety of activities all while wearing one. And why should we copy men in the clothes we choose? Why should we not be proud of our femininity? Let's be honest, the popularity of historical drama and TV series like Poirot lies partly in the fact that the costumes they wear are so beautiful. Most women like frills and lace, but don't dare to wear them in everyday life.

Dresses, by the way, are very much in fashion. Burda Style alone has sixteen pages of dress patterns available. Even if you never wore one before, you could give it a try!


  1. You're absolutely right! And lovely dress you are wearing.

    I LOVE your blog. :)

  2. Thank you, Michele! I'm glad you like my blog:)

  3. Thank you for this great post. Dresses make you feel so good and feminine! I like your new dress too!


  4. You are welcome! I read somewhere (though I'm afraid it was not exactly a Christian site), that wearing long skirts/dresses increases feminine energy and even can cure one from certain female health problems.

  5. You look so nice in that picture -- very ladylike and feminine. I wear dresses and/or skirts all the time. The only time I ever wear pants is when I take my little boy sledding, but one could sled in a skirt, too.


  6. Thanks, Jenny!
    It's true, one can definitely sled in a skirt - I did it last winter:) There is even a picture on the blog somewhere, but I can see how wearing pants in such a situation can seem more convenient. For sport activities in summer one can wear a denim skirt with leggins and sport shoes, and in winter it can be a woolen skirt with woolen tights. I skated in a skirt in winter and climbed mountains in a skirt in summer. I used to wear jeans a lot though when I was a student but when I became older I grew out of them. I simply don't feel comfortable in pants anymore. I think my husband played a role in it, too. When we first were married he said something to the point that a married woman should dress more formally and that he likes me in skirts.