Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer 2013 Decoration Trends

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that some magazines seem to specialise in publishing articles which denigrate housewives. Luckily, this trend started reversing and nowadays there are also some ladies'magazines which promote domesticity, especially the German ones. That's why every time I go there on vacation I can't help buying a whole lot of them, like this:

So today I\d like to tell you about the new interior decoration trends for 2013 according to Lisa Wohnen. For instance, all those who have cats will probably like this original idea for the cat toilet:

It's a DIY project which you build yourself and just place above the normal litter box. Isn't it cute?

The colour of the year is emerald green:

Another trend is flowers:

The magazine had a remodelling project for the bedroom after seeing which I decided to change a couple of things in our master bedroom, too. Since wicker furniture is also one of the trends, I substituted this boring plastic chair

with the one from the attic and I also bought new trendy cushions for it, like this:

Don't you all agree it looks much better? I also bought a couple of ornaments to hang above the bed, so that the wall 'doesn't look so bare any more:

Now I'm planning to paint the two closets we have in our bedroom a different shade of gray and to buy a high side table instead of a very low one, and the new look will be complete:) When I'm finished I'll post the pictures, so stay tuned!

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