Thursday, May 23, 2013

That's Why I Like Them, Too.

The readers of this blog have probably noticed that I often post links to retro movies on You Tube. I will freely admit that I prefer old movies to those recently made, though, of course, now and then I watch new films as well, mostly if I hear from someone that they are worth seeing. It appears that I'm not the only one.

Thinking Housewife recently had posted a letter   from one of her commenters about classic movies. He does a great job explaining what exactly is so special about them. Here is an excerpt:

"In such motion pictures, you will see no adolescent-witted people, feminoids, or boy-men.  You will see no women in pants. You will see no one in blue jeans, T-shirts, and baseball caps.  You will see grown-ups acting and speaking as grown men and women ought to act and speak – and once did, in life as well as in motion pictures. They do not crash automobiles, blow up buildings, launch revolutions, or perpetrate mass murder. Instead, they talk. But they do not talk the way cool people talk. Their speech is disciplined and measured. They do not stoop to profanity or the kind of smarmy, smart-aleck wisecracking without which Modernists would cease to exist. They speak beautifully and effectively, in complete sentences, with precision and restraint. There are segments of extended dialogue."

I'd add to this that old films also were based on traditional morality and evil was never allowed to triumph in the end.  Men and women were shown as complimentary to each other and the traditional feminine role was respected, not denigrated. Men were tough and in charge, and positive characters of both sexes were expected to behave honourably. Not all vintage movies were masterpieces but they all shared some standard of decency which can't be said about the entertainment of today.

Somewhat off topic, I really wanted to write about it yesterday, but the events in England  left me totally speechless. The worst thing about this whole gruesome attack was, imo, the fact that no one tried to stop the attackers. Not one person interfered except, as I heard, one lady who saw the lifeless body and tried to help. It's mind-blowing.

Well, I don't want to make this blog too negative, so I'll leave the discussion of what's going on in France for another time. I wish you well, dear readers:)

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