Sunday, July 31, 2022

Medieval Festival Part 2, Evening


We were greeted by the Duke without heir and his musicians

Sword fighting

These two guys really liked it

I thought the colours of this tent really cheerful

More musicians

When we walked past them again, these guys switched to some sort of  halberd or whatever the heck it's called and kept going:

A girl band:)

and a beautiful sunset

Their bread smelled so nice, I had to buy one. They baked it right there on the spot:

Tasted great, too!

In the cellars senior citizens were getting drunk tasting wine

We left around 11p.m. but the party was still going on!

It was a great weekend.


  1. Thank you for the tours, Sanne! You know I do love the era :-) Were you dressed according to the event? I hope I can visit this kind of event some day!

  2. You are welcome, Miriam!
    we always went to Viking and Romans events before, but now we've discovered that this era is quite interesting, too. I'm afraid I don't have any period clothes, so I just wore a nice skirt:)

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast. Love the aesthetic of the tents.

  4. Yes, and the colours are so lovely, aren't they? We did enjoy ourselves!

  5. I forgot something else about the castle history, there was also a woman accused of witchcraft who attempted suicide by jumping from the tower but she survived and was later burned...