Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Bill Gates And The Biology Lesson

 The danger of being ruled by nerds:

Early on in the pandemic, to get a sense of Gates’s views, I watched his TED talks. I began to realize something astonishing. He knew much less than anyone could discover by reading a book on cell biology from Amazon. He couldn’t even give a basic 9th-grade-level explanation of viruses and their interaction with the human body. And yet here he was lecturing the world about the coming pathogen and what should be done about it. His answer is always the same: more surveillance, more control, more technology.


  1. He believes money, which he has lots of, gives him knowledge and power. Only if we let him.

  2. Isn't he also a high school dropout? Figures that he doesn't understand biology.

  3. This is the hazard of overly monied elites who are mid-level intellects (that consider themselves top tier, of course). They'll believe any fashionable nonsense that resonates with their dim understanding of the world, and they give the ear to "experts" who tell them where they need to spend their massive amount of money to fix all the world's problems. Hence the harebrained scheme Gates has talked about of launching a massive cloud of reflective nanoparticles into space to reflect away sunlight to stop climate change. Couldn't possibly be any unforeseen consequences to that, right? And the question, "What if we're wrong about this? (climate change)" never gets asked. The Science™ is settled after all!

  4. I've a few Ivy close relatives or household members. The thing is that IVY doesn't actually mean anything when it comes to the fundamentals of life..... sermon on the mt., parables etc. Elites would neglect their own kin, if really look into their behaviour.

  5. Well from what I heard, a lot of this "woke" nonsense of late comes from the computer world (think companies like Google). Virtual reality does something to the brain. Or may be it's vice versa, they had had these mental problems already and their line of work only made it worse.

    But honestly, the idea that we can fix all the world's problems is not new, I remember watching a 1950s movie with Desi Arnaz (the guy who played Ricki Ricardo in "I Love Lucy") where he is a doctor who leaves his practice to work for the UN and explains to his wife that soon they will eliminate all the disease and suffering or something to the point.

    Our elites appear to think that they are in the place of God...