Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Myth Of "Based" Eastern Europeans

 There is this myth going around in right-wing circles that Eastern Europeans are somehow uniquely based due to blessings of communism not being under Western influence for some time, apparently. 

I would say that with a possible exception of Poles, this story is just that, a myth. I could go on with my personal experiences of what they are currently doing in my neighbourhood, but that obviously would be subjective. Instead, I'll point you to some hard facts.

I'll give you one example which American traditionalists really love, Hungary and Victor Orban. He was pronounced the most based leader on Earth some time ago, because of his plans to increase birth rates. So let's actually look at these initiatives more closely. 

According to BBC news, they included women with 4 or more kids being exempted from income taxes. You only pay income taxes when you work, so clearly we are talking working mothers over here, something that American conservatives are supposed to be very much against. But wait, Mr Orban also promised to create more nursery places, i.e, daycare, again, something which President Biden is being heavily criticised about. 

In addition, grandparents will be eligible to receive a childcare fee if they look after young children instead of the parents, Orban said.

Because what's more traditional than Granny babysitting while Mommy is at work, right?

These plans may look revolutionary to American middle class folks who aren't accustomed to getting anything from their own government, but guess what? We have exactly the same rule in this country and many people are rightfully against it, because children belong with mothers, not with grandparents. 

We also have housing subsidies for low income families, and countries like Germany and France offer such amount of benefits per every child born that you could probably live on it, without any need for either parent to work. The only demographic who enthusiastically use them are third world immigrants or their descendants. White European women are above such nonsense, and would rather work a job, apparently.

Fundie Christians in my country do have lots of kids, btw. So it's not really about money, it's about mindset. The only thing which actually sounds based in Orban's plan is the interest free mortgage loan which is supposed to be cancelled after 3rd child. 

So why am I writing about it now, 2 years later? I've been following coronavirus debate on Roosh's forum and there are some folks who currently live in Hungary. "Based" Orban was the 1st to introduce vaccination passports and other draconian rules which would probably cause another revolution somewhere in the USA, yet he is still touted as an example by the same folks who criticise lockdowns in their own countries.

I know of one European country which currently forbids abortion, Poland. There is none to my knowledge which forbids divorce or restricts married women's employment. Yes, some are less progressive on alphabet stuff, but is it enough to qualify as "a based Christian country''?

I'm not so sure.


  1. This is good to know. It's hard for me in southern Texas to imagine some of the ways people in Europe do things.

  2. Well, every country is somewhat different, some are more "progressive", others less, but none is really Christian, imo, in the same way that say Saudi Arabia is Moslem. I think Poland could be compared to Turkey as Turkey is officially a secular country with strong Islamic influence, just like Poland is a secular country with a strong Catholic influence.

    1. I'm third to fourth generation Czech here in America. I recall my grandmother writing to her Czech cousins and even visited there when it was under communism. I have to wonder what my distant relatives thought of being sold out to the communist.

      My knowledge of Europe is what I see on some travel channels on PBS or YoutTube documentaries and whatever I read from different sources.

  3. How very interesting! But honestly, I don't know much about Czechia at all, it must be relatively wealthy since they seldom come over here as guest workers, but from what I heard they are pretty secular, too. Poland is really an exception but the younger generations are getting less religious, unfortunately.

  4. BTW, you should come visit us one day, with the possible exception of Paris and some other big cities it's still quite decent around here.