Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Let's Talk Working Mothers

 Because you really need this yuge house...

Psychotherapist Susan Gerhardt said, "What seems to be most crucial for the baby is the extent to which the parent or caregiver is emotionally available and present for him, to notice his signals and to regulate his states."

"The baby’s mother is primed to do these things for her baby by her own hormones, and is more likely to have the intense identification with the baby’s feelings that is needed, provided she has the inner resources to do so.

"Babies come into the world with the need for social interaction to help develop and organize their brains.

"If they don’t get enough empathetic, attuned attention – in other words, if they don’t have a parent who is interested and reacting positively to them – then important parts of their brain simply will not develop as well..."

According to Dr. Gordon Neufeld, the prefrontal cortex is not ready for integrative thinking and social interaction until between five to seven years of age...

As a result, children continue to need an emotionally available and present parent or caregiver until they are school age. This caregiver needs to understand the children's emotional cues and be able to support the integration process.

 Nine separate studies from Holland's Leiden University show that the more hours children spend outside their home, the more their stress and panic levels rise...

... the lack of close parent-child interaction creates long-term effects of depression, hyperactivity, suboptimal cognitive and language development, poorer-than-expected academic achievements, and different forms of mental health damage...

Leaving your baby in the care of other since age 2.5 months should constitute abandonment, unless the family are starving, and it would, in a just society which isn't obsessed with narcissism, egoism and material gains. 

It's interesting that when you do a search on the topic, Western newspapers try to minimalise the effect, unlike Israel News.

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