Thursday, August 29, 2019

Living Like A Caveman Or How To Have An Active S*x Life at 95

Well, not really a caveman, more like a prehistoric person:)

You see, while being on vacation, I didn't lose my time in vain but did a research about the life of neolithic/bronze age indigenous European folks, by visiting their village:

Or, should I say, an authentic reconstruction:

There were about 13 early Celtic villages all around the lake (try to guess which one) and they were actively trading abroad and even fighting in wars.

By the way, you have probably heard that until recently, most people were short. Yet, the archeologists discovered the remains of a man (presumably a warrior, whose cause of death was decapitation) who was 192 cm tall. There is a speculation that he probably had (or had survived) a malicious metastatic tumor, which made me wonder about ancient cancer rates, and I found some interesting info ( if you like debate, read it over here) on the subject. (In short, they did have it but it was rare until the 17th century or so).

Their diet was mixed and consisted of some agricultural produce, dairy and meat, but since they lived on the lake, many were fishermen. In summer, they ate lots of berries and apples. There has been a lot of speculation going on recently about the ancient diets, with people switching from paleo to carnivore diet, but is it really healthy? Our ancestors appeared to enjoy a variety of foods. (Granted, those were not Neanderthals).

They lived like a community as it was typical for later Celts, too, and had a communal gatherings house, and their cows were of the same breed that you can see nowadays roaming the parks around here, a small reddish variety, indigenous for Europe.  And while we are speaking of cavemen prehistoric people, someone told me about the so-called "cavemen regimen" which basically means no skin care products of any kind and not washing your face too often. Apparently, some young people use it to get rid of acne. Well, I've been following it for about 2 months now. At first, the results were mixed as I had some dry skin patches on my face but now it's slowly getting better and my sun allergy is non-existent.

BTW, as we are talking about health and diet (yet again), here is an interesting story about a Turkish yoga practitioner who restored his health by it. I've heard all sorts of things about yoga. Most Christians distrust it because of (pagan) origins, yet I also heard that most of the exercises we call yoga nowadays were actually invented by the 19th century missionaries so they are OK for Christians to do.

Anyway, the funny thing is that the guy in question (who was 95 when the article was written and so far I couldn't find any info on whether he is still alive) isn't a big meat eater, but boasts of quite a robust... well s*x life (contributing to the debate whether meat or plant based diet is the healthiest) but also that he eats lots of honey every day and most health experts including alternative ones will tell you how dangerous all sugary foods are:) Granted, he makes his honey himself, so...

Ladies and gentlemen, that was all for today, see you next time!

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