Saturday, August 31, 2019

High Heels And Other Things

I'm not sure if any of my readers follow him, but Stefan Molyneux has been on fire lately, first triggering feminists with his comments on motherhood, than on lipstick and now he moved on to high heels.

Personally I used to like shoes with  heels (not too high though) when I was younger but was forced to quit since I developed quite intense pain in my back after wearing them so now heels for me are reserved for formal occasions only.

A short search on the internet delivered lots of articles on the health impact of high heels, like this one. 

And what do you think? High heels or not? And, is it modest? Feel free to share your opinion and/or experiences in the comments section! 


  1. Huh. I do wear lipstick, though not red. I did wear red when I was younger and our daughters sometimes wear reddish lipstick. My husband has always been very no holds barred with our girls about the way certain fashion choices are perceived by men and he's never once mentioned lipstick or high heels.

    Now, that may be because he likes me in high heels, and he doesn't mind the bit of lipstick either.

    I have had to relinquish my membership in the modesty brigade because my most earnest attempts too often bumped against my husband's more relaxed standards. And he is a devout Christian who takes his faith seriously.

    So I don't know if heels are immodest in general. I think that they can be tastefully worn (and immodestly worn) and I think some styles are inherently more provocative than others. Same with lipstick. I'd like to think I've found a nice balance.

  2. Oh, but it's different for young girls, they need to find a husband, you know:) I used to like really long skirts when a girl and my Granny would always tell me I looked like a nun and how on Earth would I find a husband dressed like that???

    Anyway, my husband hardly cares whether I wear heels or a lipstick, so I don't bother until it's an official occasion. Not out of modesty, but because of health considerations. I know he disapproves of very high stiletto heels, but I never could wear them anyway. Mine were all quite moderate. I remember running through Paris on high heels tho and I think I was really crazy...

  3. There are few daily occasions to wear high heels as a homemaker. That much is true. I don't wear stilettos either, never could, and I suspect the malady is hereditary because none of my girls do either. It takes too much thought to keep balance although some women seem to walk in them superbly.

    This is an example of one of my favorite pairs of heels, for reference:

    I might have an occasion to wear such shoes -which I think are fairly casual- every week and a half or so.

    Lipsticks come in degrees of red, just as heels come in degrees of modesty, which is why I am a little put off by blanket statements such as "high heels are a crass sexual display".

    Well, not all of them are.

  4. I often wonder how the Royals and First Lady get along all day walking and standing in those shoes! I"d like to see them with a lot lower heel. In normal life you never see anyone wearing the spike heels.

  5. Nice shoes:) You could wear heel to church with a nice outfit, I guess, that's an occasion. Heels def are an enhancing tool for women, otherwise why wear them? They aren't really comfortable. But whether it's "a crass sexual display" would depend on what for heels and what else she wears with them, imo. (Like high stiletto heels plus a tight mini dress/low cut jeans etc

    As for celebrities, high heeled shoes and at least some make up are considered a must nowadays for official occasions, just like neckties are for men. I highly doubt they wear them every day tho.

  6. I think that man is correct in everything he says. Those are the reasons women wear high heels: they make us so much hotter.

    I cannot wear high heels, either. I get an awful lumbago.

    I would say modesty-wise old-fashioned high heels are fine: you know, something Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly could have worn. But those stipper shoes some women wear nowadays with platform under their toes and ridicilously high heels -well, they are not even pretty anymore.

  7. Imo,it's always interesting to know what men think about all this stuff. Many will tell you they like it, but they won't say why!!! So some honesty on the subject is appreciated:)

    Our society is sexualised to an extreme, btw. I've read a discussion by some ladies who by various reasons liked to wear hats and scarves (not out of religious considerations, they were all Western) and the reaction it produced. People asked them whether they joined ISIS etc. It's perfectly OK nowadays to run around nearly naked but if you opt for a long skirt and/or a hat you are suddenly a threat to world peace, evidently.