Thursday, December 20, 2018

It's Now Or Never...

 Don't miss it: a free download of my first book, The Long Way Home.

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Here is an excerpt from Part 2:


Here is one problem,” said Ferrash. “You are intending to make Brendan Stewart your partner, aren’t you?”

“What’s wrong with it?” inquired Lennart. 

“He must know nothing about the whole business,” said Ferrash resolutely. 

“But he could be a great asset...” started Lennart, but the colonel interrupted him. 

“Stewart drinks. And when he drinks, he talks. The whole town knows the story of his misfortunes with Elinor, or what-was-her-name. I’d prefer you to get rid of him entirely.”

“It’s impossible,” said Lennart coldly. “Brent Stewart is my friend and we made a business agreement. I can’t break my word. Besides, I need his money and I need a good pilot. I can’t fly alone.”

“In any case, it’s your responsibility to ensure that Stewart knows nothing about the real nature of your work,” declared Ferrash, and the manner in which he said it prevented Lennart from making any further objections. 

At that moment a lonely figure entered the garden, looked around uncertainly, went in  the direction of the fountain, stumbled and fell into it. 

“Here is your business partner, captain,” said Ferrash. “If I were you, I’d take him out of the fountain and bring home as soon as possible.”

He stood up and Lennart did the same. The person in the fountain was making desperate attempts to get out of the undeep water, but rather unsuccessfully. 

“There is an address on the card I gave you,” went Ferrash on. “ I expect you tomorrow at ten in my office where we will continue our conversation. Good-bye.”

The next morning Brendan stayed in bed with a headache and it was not difficult for Lennart to invent a story as to why he needed to go to the capital alone. He said that he had to buy some things for his upcoming journey home and it was enough. Mrs Stewart kept musing about her son’s propensity to get drunk and Margaret was occupied with the thought of Lennart leaving them. Neither asked for details and after a hasty breakfast Lennart left for the Northern Star.



  1. Here is a review of Sanne's first book.

    Mark Moncrieff

  2. Thanks, Mark,

    I'll send you my new one when I've made an e-book out of it.