Sunday, November 4, 2018

Modernity Isn't Kind To Women

and other health news.

Pre-eclampsia is one of the leading causes of the maternal deaths world-wide. While there are known risk factors, they'll tell you that the exact reasons are unknown.  Yet, there's been a research which links pre-eclampsia to working outside home (I bet you haven't heard about that one. I didn't, either!):

Women who work during pregnancy are almost five times more likely to develop a condition that threatens the lives of both mother and baby, say researchers.
They believe the stress of being at work could be increasing hormone levels that put women at greater risk of pre-eclampsia, a common and dangerous complication of late pregnancy...

A study headed by Professor John Higgins, of the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at University College, Cork, Ireland, reveals the definite link between carrying on with work and an increased risk of pre-eclampsia....

We aren't talking about older women, like 35+ over here, all the women in this study were in their prime child-bearing years:

The blood pressure of 933 women in their 20s at a large maternity hospital in Dublin was monitored over 24 hours while they went about their daily routines...

 They were divided into three groups - 245 were working during their pregnancy, 289 were not working and 399 were employed, but chose not to work...

 There were no differences among the three groups in length of pregnancy, birthweight, or method of delivery. But women in employment were almost five times as likely to develop pre-eclampsia. 

However, the professor doing the research said that we should basically ignore the findings, because equality:

 'Working during pregnancy has become the norm and this study is not something that can interfere with a woman's right and choice to work,' he added. 

There is nothing quite as empowering as dying from eclampsia at your 21, but at least, you'll probably die standing:

previous research suggests prolonged standing causes problem pregnancies. 

Just  imagine if we treated the link between smoking and pregnancy problems in similar manner:

Smoking during pregnancy has become the norm and we can't interfere with a woman's right and choice to smoke (or shoot heroine or whatever). 

Yeah, didn't think so.

In other news, sexual revolution has been fun. Luckily, there is no stigma attached any more to having STDs, like Herpes. And, it's easily treatable as well, for grown-ups. For babies, not so much:

 Devastated parents have issued a severe warning to others after their baby girl died from the cold sore virus at just 12 days old...

 'When someone who has the virus in their system and kisses an infant, it can spread rapidly. 
'You can have the virus and not even know you have it. You don’t have to have an active cold sore to pass it on.'

The child died a horrible death but at least we don't discriminate any more:

Little Emerson's kidneys were next before all of her organs started failing. She then had multiple seizures that left her brain dead and unable to stay alive without the help of machines.

(Sarcasm button switched off). Parents, protect your babies! And for Pete's sake, don't hang around people who routinely have this kind of infections. Losing your child isn't worth it!


  1. My mother has had pre-eclampsia two times. I was born with emergency c-section, 4 weeks too early. My mother still worked two days before that. She used to be workaholic; she is 70 and now she starts to admit that "I suppose I couldn't work anymore, though I would like to." Her blood pressure is sky high and she ruined our family life because she was always working overtime, always angry with her collegues (and us) and yet working was more important to her than anything else. I am not bitter, but...

    When it comes to herpes, people don't seem to bother about it at all anymore, even if they have it in their genitalia. I should die of shame if I had something like that.

    I just read a discussion on a forum: young mother was upset because her mother-in-law couldn't believe she is not allowed to kiss their babies on mouth, because a) karies bacteria and b) herpes. What kind of a person wants to kiss baby on her mouth?

  2. Housewife, I'm awfully sorry!

    My own mother stayed home with me when I was young, she also worked part-time for some time, but then generally switched to working full time, and even overtime, when I left home. I do believe her health suffered from that. She finally quit 5 years ago and is feeling better, but unfortunately, now it's my father who's sick...

    And yes, folks nowadays feel like they are entitled to someone else's babies. Mothers and mothers-in-law actively push the young women to work so that they can babysit. If you really love your grandchildren so much, you'd wish what is best for them, and no one can substitute the Mother.

  3. I just read another discussion about that matter: how mothers and mothers-in-law try to "own" the baby; they even "accidently" call themselves "mom" to it and refer to the real mother with her christian name, when talking to baby. And claim that they want (and have a RIGHT) to babysit newborn baby overnight, even though mother is breastfeeding: "She can drink from a bottle". There were even stories of mothers kidnapping their daughter's baby!

    Of course most grandmothers are not like that, I am sure most of them are wise and help the new family etc. But I am also sure that we can thank feminism for those wackos: they didn't have as many children they might have wanted, because it wasn't cool, and at least in my country they went back to work really, really quickly at 70's and 80's. So they never really lived their children's childhood. And now they are jealous to their own daughters and daughters-in-law.

  4. Well, baby boomer women over here mostly stayed home, but encouraged their daughters to work. In fact, I once saw an article in a magazine which stated that more than 50% of all the women work only because their mothers agree to babysit!

    In the times past it was not unknown for a woman to get her last child at 45 and even 50, the last thing they wanted after their ten kids finally left the house was to change their grandchildren's diapers:)

    I do think jealousy plays its role, too, just look at mothers who copy their teenage daughters' styles of dress and try to look hot. I think a granny can do lots of great things for her grandchildren, but encouraging the mother to abandon them so that she can feel relevant again, is not one of them.

    Also, older women appear to truly dislike men, their own husbands get totally neglected in the process,but they don't seem to care...

  5. I have noticed that, too. It seems to me that after women have had their children, they start treating their husbands like waste. Nuissance.

    Sometimes I feel that most women nowadays just plain hate men. Think about metoo- campaign. Many men have lost their careers because of false or unproven accusations.

    Sometimes I think those women have never got ENOUGH male attention, especially from their dads, and that's why they are so crazy. (Of course there are severe harashment cases that should be taken seriously, but if somebody grabs your rear end in a bar and says "nice ass", it does not scar your soul forever.)

  6. They often like their sons all right, and are afraid that poor dear boy will have to work too hard if his wife stays home; but at the same time, they take it for granted that their own husbands had to support them! Talk about cognitive dissonance...

    Most "older women" are hardly Titus 2 role models, I still remember how upon marrying and quitting my job (at my husband's request, no less!) church ladies were harassing me for not working. And another thing many of them appear to hate, are big families. Apparently, any woman who has more than 2 children, is a victim and was forced into it, because no woman possibly would love to be a mother.

  7. I just saw thee counts an say Amen to them. Sarah