Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Miscellaneous Musings

I've been kinda busy of late with a certain new project. Plus, the Christmas markets have begun so it takes the weekends, too:) Because of it all I haven't had  time to sit down and write a decent long post  or at least, several short ones, so I decided to combine several topics into one:

It was only a couple of months ago that the MSM were screaming about global warming, all because of a couple hot summer weeks. Now, they state exactly the opposite: a new Ice Age is coming!

Mini Ice Age Looms

What are they doing with our food? An auntie of mine keeps saying how modern food is different from what was available during her childhood. You could dismiss these claims as the usual "the grass was always greener when I was young" type of thing, but I recently switched to buying biological meat and not homogenized milk.  I discovered something strange: the milk doesn't burn as easily as the "normal" milk and bio hamburgers don't shrink to half the original size when you fry them!

More natural hair care tips:

After our discussion about natural hair care, I tried two more shampoo substitutes: rye flour and henna powder. In both cases I rinsed my hair thoroughly first,  used 1 tbsp of the stuff, made a paste out of it, spread it all over and left for a couple of minutes, then washed it out. In both cases my hair looked great. Henna makes it softer and colours the roots slightly, rye flour makes your hair rather hard.

Medical News

Do you trust medical industry? Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA. Also, when you are older, doctors will phone you nowadays and ask you to come and have your cholesterol checked and try to put your on some type of a statin drug. Yet, the new research suggests it's a waste of time (and money, not mention statin side effects which apparently include Alzheimer). Please, do your research first.

Women sabotaging each other. 

This comes from a certain forum I make a mistake of reading sometimes.  A dedicated group of feminists who were all by some reason older and single/divorced kept attacking housewives and telling them to get a job and stop listening to their husbands. They stated unironically that when you become a housewife your husband will be inclined to abuse and even kill you, or at the very least, try to force you to save on buying clothes, which is a horrific thing.

By the reason of any man being a potential murderer, divorce should always be allowed for any reason, so that the woman doesn't feel "stuck". What really makes it funny, they all claim to be devout conservative Christians, all the while telling younger women to hate marriage, distrust their own husbands, never submit in anything and avoid having (many) children so that she can live for herself and not be tied down.

Here comes a word of warning: when you get older, you can choose to age gracefully and turn into a matron and a kindly granny/auntie type. Or you can choose to be envious of younger women and their prospects with men, try to ruin their happiness and turn into a hag.


  1. I am sure we well face another ice age sooner or later. It is the habit of our dear Tellus.

    Have you ever tried washing your hair with conditioner only? It must be silicone free and not too moisturizing, but it does work, too. I have understood it works very well if one has curly hair.

  2. It did feel like Ice Age yesterday but it got warmer today:)

    I don't really like conditioners, they make my hair too soft so I never use them. I think I'll stick to henna for the time being...

  3. These 'experts" that seem to be able to say that 6000 years ago the weather was this way or that and so on can't settle now on which is happening...if anything is. Nature has always changed. Extremes happened. They will again but now it is our fault when it happened. Thousands of years before there were no cars or even people but they happened then too. So now they blame us..but is it us or cows to blame or is it just a cycle of weather??

    These women may Say they are Christians they even know what that means? And do they Read the Bible?? Doesn't sound like it. I am so sad that non believers see such people and think this is how a Christians are. Why would they want to be a Christian if that is the example they see?? Sarah

  4. Sarah, I think they use "global warming" as a distraction from real environmental issues, such as plastic pollution or estrogen in the water from the bc pill. Also, it's almost like a religion for some people.

    As for those women and the Bible...well, it's the usual stuff like some parts aren't relevant for us today, society changes, it's in the Apostles and not the Gospel bla-bla. Amounts to Hath God really said?