Sunday, July 1, 2018

Feminists Celebrate A New Cause

Though it's probably not so new after all, since they have always had this rare obsession with bodily hair and functions. Sometimes, I do really feel ashamed to be a woman. In a world full of problems, the so-called women activists are busy with such trivial things as celebrating a new commercial because it features body hair. It's nice to know, by the way, that they support consumerism and big corporations. You don't need a fancy expensive razor to shave your darn legs.

Guardian even had an article how it is good for feminism, but I refuse to link to them.

In other news, the weather is great and we've had a very nice weekend by the river watching yachts and speed boats going by and enjoying ourselves. Life is good when you don't turn every detail of it into a social justice cause. And oh yes, not shaving your legs and armpits and then going out to the beach and showing yourself off is a sign of a low class behaviour. But feminists are free to engage in it. It's good to know who belongs where, so to say.


  1. Housewife OutdoorsJuly 2, 2018 at 4:15 AM

    What's the point with a video like that? If a person shaves her bodily hair, it is never that thick and long. Nobody starts shaving from that point, or at least it is not usual. Usually you have like 2 mm hair and you shave it, right? So ads showing women shaving "un-hairy" legs are quite close to the reality.

    To be honest, I don't shave that much. My skin is so tender, that all methods for removing body hair irritate it enormously. I have figured that small amount of hair is less worse than red pimples and rush. :) I have consulted my husband who says that the hair in my legs is hardly visible and since I do not wear sleevless shirts, nobody sees my armpits.

    Obviously I do shave if a wear I fancy dress, but i do not stress about it in everyday life.

    Was this too much information?

  2. Feel free to share, I don't mind:) The problem with shaving (especially legs) is the more you do it, the more it keeps growing. I don't actually think it's always a problem, some women have very light hair anyway, in winter the legs are usually covered and in summer you can wear a long skirt. But yes, if you wear a fancy open dress or a shorter skirt without stockings or a bikini, it's a totally different thing.

    I guess I'm just baffled than anyone with a couple of functioning brain cells would see body hair as a political cause. It actually plays right into a stereotype of women being nonsensical and trivial. Like the lefties of the past were busy with improving working conditions and now suddenly this.

  3. Housewife OutdoorsJuly 2, 2018 at 9:13 AM

    It is funny. Patriarchy is obviously forcing women to shave. It does force men to shave their beard every bloody day, too, but men don't seem to feel oppressed.

    I mean most women propably do fine if they shave once or twice a week. And if the don't feel like it, they can wear covering clothes. But men must shave every single day for work (and many men another time if they go for fancy dinner to a restaurant). And yet men do not complain. And nobody complains that razor ads do not have men with full beard...

  4. "Patriarchy" which they decry is the code word for Western civilisation. It was Romans, btw, who made clear-shaven chin by men fashionable. Of course, for a group of people who hate everything Western and civilised with abandon it's actually weird they prefer to live in the West, isn't it? But progressives are seldom consistent...