dinsdag 29 mei 2018

A Family Day

My husband's club had a family day some time ago. Here are a couple of pics:

One is airsoft, the rest are real:) Can you see which one?

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  1. We include shooting as a part of our annual family reunion. With four boys it's a popular activity!

  2. Well, I can imagine:) I enjoyed it, too!

  3. Housewife Outdoors31 mei 2018 om 05:03

    Well hello, Calamity Jane. :)

    Pistol in 3rd picture in airsoft?

    Shooting is so much fun.

  4. My husband has been calling me sniper:) No, both pistols were real, the rifle in the last pic is airsoft...

    Yes, shooting IS fun! Does your husband hunt?

  5. Housewife Outdoors4 juni 2018 om 07:33

    So you did well? :)

    Yes, my husband hunts. More than half of the meat we eat is game he has hunted. Yes, I am very proud of him. :)

  6. Relatively:)

    I can imagine! Here we don't have anything much to hunt, so our hunters go to Belgium and Germany. I knew some lady in Norway whose husband hunted, too. The whole village did and then they made stew and ate it all together. I found it charming but some Swedish told me it was barbaric:)


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