zondag 22 april 2018

Elfia 2018

It was very warm and the prices were atrocious but it was still great fun!

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  1. Looks like a fun thing to do, especially in nice weather.

    It's finally gotten warm here; it hit 18C today...

  2. So jealous! Australia is not as historically rich as other countries since we are young, so we don't have many colourful festivals like this, or castles, etc. Wish we did..

    PS. I sent you another email!

  3. Yeah, it was fun! Here it's cold again, btw:)

    BTW, I'm sure Australia has some nice colourful events, too.

    1. Cold? I'm scared of your definition of cold!
      We definitely do, though we don't have as rich a history as over there :)

      PS. I replied to you by the way!

  4. It's not that cold:) About +14*C actually...


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