Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Trigger A Feminist

It's really easy since they get triggered by the most inane things, like someone making a sandwich for her husband:

WHEN young Sydney mother Maddie asked her closed Facebook group of 26,186 mothers for some tasty alternatives to sandwiches for her husband’s lunches, she wasn’t expecting the backlash.
“I would love to hear what other mums make their hubbies for lunch and snacks throughout the work day,” she posted on Tuesday. “We are getting over sandwiches.”

You would think she’d asked for a hemlock recipe, judging by the torrent of scolding which erupted.
She was nothing but a “slave” and a “1950s housewife”.
She was “weird” and no one in their right mind or a “pink fit” would do something so demeaning as make their husband lunch. Let alone snacks.

“Your husband is a grown up and you’re not his mother”, wrote one member of the North Shore Mums Facebook group.
“My husband can make his own damn lunch.”
“I make my husband the same thing he makes me. Nothing!!”
“Stuff that, hubby is a grown man. I already do his laundry and keep his children alive.”
“Our advice is to stop making his lunches.”
“My role is childcare during working hours and that’s it.”
“He’s lucky if I decide to make dinner some nights”.
“I was married for twenty years and my favourite packed lunch for my husband was called a Get it Yourself with a side order of I’m not your mother.”
“Nope, I didn’t sign up for that at the altar. But in the spirit of being helpful… pickled onion stuffed in mandarins.”

The attitudes above kinda help bring MGTOW in proper perspective, don't you think so? Read the whole article over here:

When making a sandwich is a crime against feminism


  1. I certainly don't blame men for not wanting modern women, they are a nightmare and disgusting as well. If i was a man i'd stay clear as well (as i would stay clear of the majority of men today if i was single, it's terrible times we live in today). Most women i know are loud-mouthed, do-it-yourself types but modern men aren't exactly any better. The problem is a lot of men get indoctrinated by red pill stuff and the like and become just as despicable, if not worse and start believing "all women are like that." They don't know anything else, because in THEIR world there are not virtuous women, all women are really like what they perceive, and then they hate traditionalist women when they do come along because they don't want any responsibility. You get what you deserve in life, and I bet women like that in the article aren't getting very good quality men, that's for sure!

  2. Well, that'll learn her - to quit engaging with them. Hopefully.

  3. Well, they were Australians, may be, that explains it:) Someone told me Australians are very liberal. For the record, I don't support MGTOW,it's just that when I read stuff like that article I can sympathise with their attitudes. They didn't come out of nowhere, so to say. But, yes, modern men aren't exactly dominant lord of creations, either...

  4. Let me say as a mother of sons it grieves me to see the pickings out there. It truly makes me sad for my boys....

  5. Mrs.O., modern dating world is a bleak experience for both men and women,you have men with mommy issues unable to make a living, with commitment phobia but great desire for recreational sex, and harpies who couldn't cook an egg if their life depended on it with 33 cats and a whole regiment of ex-boyfriends.

    For normal men and women, it gets more and more difficult to find each other. Someone should start a traditionalist dating site!

    1. Sanne, you are SO funny.
      Great post.

    2. And yes, I am just as concerned for our girls finding a husband as well!

  6. I blame the Pill. I am quite sure that hormonal contraception makes women aggressive and crazy. It does raise your testosterone levels, at least if one drinks alcohol.

    Anyway it seems to me that feminists. Have forgotten one little key factor in marriage: love. If we love each other, we want to serve them, right? And feeding our hubby is very nice way to serve him.

  7. Yes, it does! Anything which interferes with normal female hormone balance is to be used with extreme caution as it can literally drive a woman crazy. Plus, our whole society promotes a highly unnatural way of life for women. As for feminism, the whole point of it at this moment is to prevent healthy marriages.