Saturday, October 7, 2017

A New Skirt

I've decided to try my hand at sewing again, after a rather long break, here is the result:

The pattern was very simple, yet I had problems with size again. The finished skirt was way too big and hanging like a sack of potatoes so I had to make it smaller which took me another day. At least, if I try another of their patterns I know now which size to choose:)


  1. I truly love those colors! By hand, you say?

  2. Thanks! It was really very easy to make, it had like a couple seams in total:) But when I realised it was too big, I had to redo it. The waistband is done by hand, the rest with the machine.

  3. I have made a few skirts,but I am very intimidated to make a dress!
    I would love too.
    I suppose when I face what I am afraid of, it is mainly wasting fabric and time if it doesn't turn out.
    The patterns downright scare me. I have even watched several you tube videos on simple pattern following,etc.
    Still seems daunting to me.

  4. Mrs.O, there are some pull-on dresses which are very easy to make. The most difficult thing is setting in the sleeves, but if you use stretchy fabrics, mistakes won't show so bad:) You could first try with cheap fabric, to find out if the pattern works for you.

    I think if you choose a very easy pattern, it's not so daunting:)