Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekly Housewife: Feel Good Edition

Summer in the Heat Street. It's HOT today. Like 30 degrees hot. It was hot yesterday, too, and it's going to be hot tomorrow. Heaven knows, with the way things are progressing, there is little to feel good about, but we will try nevertheless. While Merry Old England is appearing to slide further on the slippery slope, things look much brighter in Eastern Europe: this video features firemen saving little ducks and reuniting them with their mother.

Speaking about parents, yesterday was Father's day, I hope you all had a great time. We spent the whole day outside, it felt like a vacation:)

The second feel-good video is out of the "amazing seniors" category. Who said that once you hit a certain age, life should be dull and spent behind geraniums??? Here we have a 78-year old nun hover-boarding around and enjoying herself. It's never too late to try something new, as long as you live:)
Keeping it all in mind, I decided that the book of the week will be Redwall.

Yeah, I know it's a kids' book. I'm not going senile yet (at least, I hope so!). I just missed it somehow growing up and decided to fill up this lacune. I'm also always hunting for good books for children. I've heard about the series being all praised up by the equality brigade, but surely those from the 1980s should be safe? There is but one way to know, and that is, to read it:)

BTW, The Virgin In The Ice was really good, I liked it much more than some other of her books, but then it's probably impossible to write 21 books on the same topic which are all equally interesting.

Since it's so unbearably hot, the outfit of the day looks like this:

Complete look includes a cute apron:

I normally don't pull my hair up into a granny's knot, but with the weather like this....

All ready to go outside:

The last thing I want is to get sunburned on my shoulders. I've got enough of it yesterday just from driving with a window open:) With the weather like this, it's important to stay hydrated, so don't forget to drink regularly!

In other news, the basic (should be primary in English, I guess?) school teachers are going to get on strike soon. Schools will begin one hour later on a certain day!!!! OMG!!! I guess all the children will be heart-broken:) Seriously, it's only seen as any kind of a problem because so many mothers work nowadays. Otherwise, hardly anyone would notice it. But, if they want to go on strike, they could be better doing it right now. Or, at least, tomorrow:)

You shouldn't think I'm against school, of course, like some American homeschoolers. I just favour the school system described in The Little House On The Prairie, when schools enforced disciple, but on the other hand, didn't function as free baby-sitting services and it was up to parents when children would attend. Most people at that period viewed it as a blessing and were grateful that their children could get an education.

The last thing I'm going to talk about today, is food. Just a simple lunch idea:

Artisan bread with virgin olive oil, some salad leaves with cucumber slices and crumbled soft cheese (and mayo, but whatever, I like the stuff:)) and water with a slice of lemon. The water idea isn't really mine; yesterday at an event which we visited, a lady was selling water bottles with slices of lime in them. I decided to copy it and wasn't disappointed!

And here I'll quit, wishing you all a great Monday and the coming week!  Greetings from what feels like Mediterranean cost at the moment:)))


  1. So fun to read!I needed this as I have been torturing myself watching news on you tube this morning. Between USA and England, this is a welcome change indeed!!

    The lunch looks downright yummy!

    God bless

  2. Mrs. O, you shouldn't get so upset, what shall be shall be.

    As for lunch, I do really eat more bread with it, it just wasn't featured:)

  3. Oh yes, you are RIGHT!
    Thank you..

  4. I vastly prefer children's novels and stories. They are well written, have a good moral, and tell an engaging story. I chose to read classical literature as a child, and found that, when an adult, I 'graduated' to "adult" books. What a disappointment! The language is dumbed down, the plots are trite, and the only morality in a lot of them is immorality. So, I happily scour secondhand book stores for classical children's tales once again, although we already have quite a collection, being former American homeschoolers. Sadly, my children have both graduated our little school at home, but their reading is just a voracious as it's always been and their selections just as judicious as I made for them. As for our reasons for homeschooling, it wasn't as much the ideal of LHOTP that encouraged me, but the push to do better than current schools who only teach to tests and can't guarantee safety or a moral environment. It was the perfect choice for us, and we'd do it all over again. :)

    Have a lovely day!

  5. Well, at least now I know I'm not a freak for liking children's books:) Generally everything written up to the 1980s should be OK and most feature mothers at home and more or less traditional settings. Redwall was written in 1986 and isn't exactly Victorian, but it's more or less OK, up to now (I'm so far as the part2).

    I'd like to clarify about homeschooling. I know that some folks in the USA are against government schools in principle and think that hs is the only way. My personal opinion is that it should be up to the parents how they educate their children. The government can make a provision for schools, the way it was in the pioneer days, but the ultimate decision and authority should rest with parents.

    I remember reading about some ancient Eastern ruler who took a law saying that if the parents failed teaching their children a trade, the children wouldn't be obliged to provide for the parents in their old age. That's something I would support though.

  6. Oh yes, and thank you! You, too, have a lovely day:)