vrijdag 29 april 2016

From The Home Front

Just some nice pictures.

My husband has been busy with a recycling project, he is going to make a door out of an old window:

I have finally finished knitting this skirt:

It's woolen, but then we've had spell of cold weather which just allows me to wear it a couple more times.

And I bought this cute new magazine:

It has sewing projects for in the home, including a children's birthday party, some Tilda stuff on the back cover:

And, among other things, ideas for in the kitchen:

I'm not sure whether I try my hand at any of these projects or not, but it's nice to read something so cheerful when the weather is more like November than April!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your knit skirt looks very nice, and your kitty is the purrfect accessory to your outfit.

    The magazine looks so interesting and full of whimsy.

  2. Thanks Dawn, I designed it all by myself! The kitty just came to look what we were doing. The magazine is really cute, it's the first time I came across it.

  3. I like the door! Was the stained glass from a church building? Anyway, it's neat.

  4. Thanks, Will! No, it's from a house nearby, actually two houses. They are being renovated and had new windows installed. I think the rental company they belonged to is going to sell them.


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