zaterdag 16 mei 2015

Saint Crispin's Day

On October, 25, St Crispin's Day, the English fought and won the Battle of Agincourt, despite being outnumbered 5 to 1. William Shakespeare dramatised it in Henry V:


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  1. Excellent.

    I also like this famous speech from the same work:

  2. Yes, that was a good one, thanks for the link! I have all the Shakespeare's works in one book, re-read Henry IV some time ago, may be should re-read Henry V. His English is quite difficult though:)

  3. You're welcome!

    It is difficult, even for Anglophones, as it's so archaic, and different.

  4. Well, if I read it like real slow, I can understand...BTW, imagine if this movie were made now, with all affirmative action cast?

  5. No doubt. :)

    Yes, it is wise to read Shakespeare slow, to ensure understanding.


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