Friday, May 1, 2015

From The Home Front

Just for those interested in how things are going in my neck of woods. I have been pretty busy lately. What with the shorter than normal working week (Monday was an official day off, though my husband had to work), visitors, celebrating my birthday and things like that I didn't really have much time to devote to the blog though I kept on posting.

After all we've been through lately, the things are slowly coming back to normal. I partially recovered my strength and decided to invest more time in my housekeeping, starting with the attic which I finally finished cleaning and decluttering this week. Long ago, when I had help around the house, I started making a catalogue of our books (both my husband and I are book collectors). Then, all sorts of things started happening around us (most of them unpleasant) and my housekeeping went pretty much downhill.

So I finally picked up where I had stopped two years ago and decided to finish the job. I had to go through all the books again since there were some new additions, but the big bookcase in the attic is finished, now I have only two smaller ones to go. Next week I'm planning to start working on one of the bedrooms.

Sunday will be an exciting day for us as we are going to bring home our new cat. I have nearly all the things at home already, the toys, the bowls for food and water, and, of course, we had stuff left from our previous cat. I have to buy some cat food tomorrow, and then, we are ready. I'm afraid he is going to tear our house down, but then, it is the part of the bargain.

My husband has to work overtime, poor guy, and the weather has been very unstable the last time, with a cold spell which is now drawing to its end, so hopefully I'll be able to do something on the terrace, as in acquiring new plants and spending more time there.

I started reading the 1935 Catholic magazine and my original plan was to review it this week, but every issue is much longer than by The Prince so I guess it will be next week. It has a section special for women, with fashions, housekeeping advice and articles about raising children. All in all, it gives a good insight of the society of that period.

I guess it's all for today, I'd like to add that I appreciate all of your comments though I don't always answer each of them. I was also asked to write a post on the topic of double standard in the church, which I'm planning to do next week. Stay tuned!


  1. Springtime - something about it gets everyone to start cleaning. It just feels so much better to have a clean, decluttered house. Why do we collect so much, only to have to get rid of it a while later? Our parents lifestyle was so much simpler. (probably better too.) We have garage sales here, and there's a big one coming up for our Christian school. I'm getting lots of stuff ready for it, and my garage is filling up quickly. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

  2. Spring is just a good time to make a new beginning:) Garage sales sound great if one actually has a garage (we don't). I guess I could try to go and sell something at a local monthly flea market but I doubt it would bring me much profit, as opposed to time and energy lost. I don't really have any scruples about throwing things away these days, though I will usually try to give some of them to my friends/family first. I used to donate a lot of clothes to charity, but not any more.

  3. How much I enjoy your blog Sanne! I visit every day, and often download something you've written which is especially inspiring, putting it in a folder to read again later. Thank you for giving us the lovely things that you do!

    I am so interested to hear what your Catholic 1935 magazine has to say about housekeeping and raising children. I am Catholic and it is quite difficult to find any written material that encourages homemakers from a Catholic point of view! However, I will not be moved and rejoice in my God-given opportunity to be able to stay at home and be a homemaker!

    I hope that your new cat adjusts quickly to its new surroundings. I'm sure that as loving as you are all will be well :)

  4. Vicky, I'm glad you enjoy my writing. It's comments like this which encourage me to keep blogging:) I can sympathise with your problems as the churches all over the West seem to have abandoned homemakers. I have a year worth of these magazines and I'm planning to cover at least some of them.

    As for the cat, it's quite thrilling. We've always kept cats, so I kinda missed that. Nobody to wake you up at 5 in the morning by springing on your head and shouting for food:)

  5. Sanne

    As your cataloging your books may I suggest

    I've used it since 2009, the first 100 books are free and after that you have to pay. But you pay what you want, I paid $30 back in 2009 for a life membership and it hasn't cost me anything since.

    Also on a totally unrelated topic, just the other day I wanted an Australian movie from around 1980 called "We of the Never Never". It is based on a book of the same name, which is a true story, but as I was watching it I thought you would enjoy it. Heres a link to find out more.


  6. Mark,

    (I deleted the double comment, hope you don't mind). Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it. BTW, haven't forgotten about that other film you recommended but when I got around to watching it, it was deleted from YouTube.

    Now we found it again and I'm planning to watch it one of these days, then I'll write a review.