Sunday, April 26, 2015

Are Men Special Snowflakes?

One of the feminist tactics has been promoting female victimhood and thus appealing to the innate chivalry of men. Nowadays we have some anti-feminists who are trying to apply the same tactics to spread the idea that it's men who have always been victims of women and society.

The whole idea of some abstract "men" vs "abstract "women" is ridiculous, to begin with. Women don't just come out of an egg, they have family, extended family, friends etc. It's all fine to debate abstract principles on the internet, in real life people tend to disregard ideology and side with their own.

Take, for instance, single mothers debate. Without going into morality of the case, let's look at the financial side of the issue. As far as I understand, in the USA the man who sires an illegitimate offspring, is on the hook for child support which drives men's rights' activists crazy. In my country, the man is only a father if he is married/signed a legal contract, otherwise he may opt out of fatherhood. The society will pick up the tab in this case. Let me tell you, that the men who work and pay taxes are less than charmed with the idea of providing for someone else's kids and don't think American system half as bad.

Another example would be the idea of alimony/child support. The whole issue is presented as men vs women. Women fleece men through child support, I'm told. It's true to a point, but not entirely true. What really happens if the marriage ends in divorce and the woman didn't work or only worked part-time and can't support herself and the kids (and no, not all fathers desire custody and it's incredibly difficult for a woman in my neck of woods to find a well-paying job after a certain age) and there are no financial obligations on the part of the ex-husband?

What happens is that her menfolk have now to support her and boy do they resent the idea. They mostly have their own wives and kids at this age and their wives resent it even more. So once again, it's not women against men, it's one group of men against another. I could go on and on, but I guess you see my point.

Since the default position with some people is that per definition, everything is women's fault, they sincerely expect that women should change things for the better, by I don't know what, starting a revolution? On the other hand, they complain of women in the army and point out they can't fight. It's true that most women aren't cut out to be warriors and neither they are supposed to be social reformers. Women will always support the status quo. In communist countries, the majority of women supported communism.  In fascist countries, most women supported fascism. In liberal democracy, most women support liberal democracy.

Present day feminism started spreading when the Enlightenment ideas started spreading. Among the supporters of the New World Order were women, too, but nearly all of the fighting and dying and reforming and starting revolutions was done by men. If men aren't content with how the world is run nowadays, it's up to them to change it and if they are lucky, they'll find a sympathetic woman to stand by their side but don't expect women to fight your battles for you.

Another topic which causes an undue amount of interest, is marital submission. What is there to talk about for hours, is incomprehensible to me. Yes, the husband is the head of the family and yes, the woman should submit, at least, if you are any form of a traditionalist you should believe it. Yes, it's true that women will at times challenge the husband's authority. It's not the proof of their intrinsic evil. Children do it with their parents, too.

When you have a position of authority those under you will try to challenge you. It's not enough to have the title, you have to prove you have guts to be the leader. It's your job to make your subordinates to look up to you and to instill respect. They won't respect you if they sense weakness of any kind. The problem with those guys who pour their hearts out on the internet is that they appear to live in fear of their own wives and children. That's not a way to go through life for a man.

The way I see it the problem with Western men is that they collectively lost their will to power. Until they find it back, things will continue to go downhill.


  1. Sanne

    A good post on an important topic, it is easy to find blame in the other sex, but it is not really the problem. The problem is that men and women need each other as they each include things that the other sex lacks, they are complimentary. Sadly modern life encourages us to find each others faults, its men against women.

    We will never get anywhere by taking part in that fight, unfortunately there is a political philosophy that claims to represent all women, Feminism, you and I know that that is a lie, but many have heard it so often that they believe it....both men and women believe it.

    While the family has problems it is the best method of protecting men, women and children and we need to keep supporting that. Really it is not women that these men are complaining about, it is the destruction of the family, even though many of them don't understand that, all they know is that something is wrong but not what so they blame women. They need to do something more constructive.

    Mark Moncrieff

    1. Hey Mark I think you identified the major problem here. Most people don't know what the problem is or why things are the way they are or how to go about fixing it. There are a lot of lies out there and unless one gets educated and researches for themselves they may never see the lies and propaganda for what it really is... Unfortunately, most people just believe what the are told and don't care to find the truth.

  2. Mark,

    thank you for your comment! The way I see it , feminism is used by the elites as divide and conquer strategy. Modern feminism is also a form of socialism, it speaks from the name of women, but it benefits men, too. To get back to my own example, government benefits for single mothers means men in her family won't have to provide for her and her illegitimate offspring. So while it means collectively higher taxes, individual men profit from it.

    Most women in Europe who work have a taxpayer sponsored jobs. Whatever feminists like to believe, they aren't net producers, they are net consumers. It's men who build the country's wealth, it's also men who decide how the country is to be run. Feminism is just a smokescreen, in the end it's men against other men, as usual.

  3. Men today do not want to marry or take on any kind of responsibilities. They want to procreate their children illegitimately outside of marriage then they expect to be handed by the government complete equal rights to that of the mother/married father then they complain when the child support comes due. I mean, what the *&(* do they expect?

    I challenge my husband's authority a lot, mostly just as a way of testing him. I know it sounds awful but that's the way we women can be sometimes. Just like when I try to wresle with him. I know I'm not going to win and I don't want to, I just want to see if he'll let me or overpower me. If he ever let me win I'd be so crushed!

    MEN are the ones who have written all the laws on our books, not women. Men complain about feminism? There were very few lawmakers, lawyers, politicians, etc as women during women's lib and there were NO Supreme Court justices as women. It's weak and pathetic for them to sit around waiting for women to change things or saying it's all women's fault. Just like it says in the Bible "because you listened to the voice of your wife..." It's men's responsibility to be the leader even when their women are wanting them to do soemthing harmful and destructive. No way around it, men are ultimately responsible, even if women are acting bad.

    I think I'll write that post I've been saying I'll write for a while now Sanne. You just encouraged me to get it done although it's too late tonight... :)

  4. Oh and also in the United States they are now increasingly letting unwed fathers overturn adoptions years after the fact. For a long time now a man can sign away his rights to a child he fathered outside of marriage and then turn around and change his mind later. So we have men being granted full custody of children when the child is several years old and has never even SEEN the father before. And as I've said before it is required in most states for an unwed mother to identify the father and make him pay child support in order to get welfare. Men's groups are mostly responsible for that. The whole thing reads of making sure daddy always gets his rights yet they hate any kind of responsibility...

    How about requiring marriage? It would be a win for both sexes as the father would not have rights/responsibilities unless both parties consented which would ensure children were raised in a more stable family environment...

  5. The way I see it, present day feminism is just a part of our whole political system (liberal democracy) aimed at women. It won't go away until the whole system is changed, which will probably happen when the Western countries will run out of money to subsidise destructive life choices.

  6. Housewife from FinlandApril 27, 2015 at 5:31 AM

    Women challenge their husbands because they want to know: "Are you REALLY strong enough to protect me?" That's why kids challenge their parents and dogs their owners. They want to know if they are safe.

    I personally don't challenge my husband, or at least I try not to. Since he is a very good man and I am a very evil-headed woman, I am doing my best to keep myself under control.

    Slightly offtopic, but what made women support sexual liberation? I mean it has done nothing but harm to women and family. Are some women really so driven by lust, that it felt like a good idea?

  7. Personally I don't believe women are motivated by lust to the same degree that men can be, though they certainly can experience it. It's probably more a case of good marketing, as sex without commitment was sold as cool, rebellious and edgy. I think it's the topic which is best addressed in a separate post, since it's difficult to discuss it in a couple of sentences, but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to discuss them.