Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Advantages Of Being Married To A Housewife

I think the most popular post on this blog has been so far "The Advantages Of Being A Housewife". However, men who are married to housewives also have certain advantages. For instance, yesterday I was searching for tips for Valentine Day, and came across an article which suggested, among other things, asking your wife's boss for permission to come to her working place and read a poem.

Well, when your wife is a homemaker, you don't need the permission from other men (or women, for that matter) to read poems to your wife whenever you wish to! Her working place is her home and she has no other boss but you:)

Definitely something to think about.


  1. Housewife from FinlandFebruary 13, 2015 at 5:30 AM

    I think that if men just thought about it, many would find that having a housewife is VERY beneficial. At least my husband often says, that "I like to have you home when I come from work" or "it is so nice that you have dinner ready when I come home".

    And as Miriam said some time ago, housewife is one stressed and angy woman less. That is extreme benefit for both husband and wife. (I truly believe that most men can cope with stress much better than women. Feminist would propably kill me for saying that but that is my experience. Working women are always stressed and angry. Man are not.)

    Couple also has much more common time when all the housework is done when husband comes home. If both worked, the second shift would just start there. So hubby has also more time for his hobbies.

    And last but not least: wife is there for you. Always, and only for you. As you said, she has no other boss. :) I love that idea. Feminists, please do not stone me.

  2. I was planning to write an article about stress and the working woman one of these days. It's true on average, women deal worse with stress than men. I've read about research which proved it, but unfortunately don't have the link. Here is a sad article though about a young woman who committed suicide because she couldn't start a family:

    This one is about daycare being bad for children:

  3. Lots of advantages to staying home. More time to prepare healthy foods. More time to help the kids with school work. More time to sit at the dinner table. Husband comes home to a relaxed house. More time to volunteer. Just a very good thing!

  4. According to one of the theories, Neanderthals died out because they didn't practice the division of labour:) It's definitely a better system when one person is in charge of running the household, though too many people today hardly do any housekeeping.

  5. Housewife from FinlandFebruary 16, 2015 at 5:19 AM

    It was really sad to hear today when a lady I know said that she has to ho back to work after maternity leave -baby is then 9 months. They do not have enough money, she said (even though in Finland mothers can get paid like 300-400 euros/month for staying at home as long as the child is under 3.)

    I just wanted to scream to her that give me pen and paper and I'll calculate to you how to make it. Because she would wan't to stay at home, but "can't".

    The problem is, of course, that she doesn't want to give up smoking or expensive gym membership or having to cars or such. Well, it is none of my business, but one hears so often that same thing; mother would like to stay at home, but it is "financially unpossible" -which usually is not the case.

    And in some way one actually saves money when not working. Even if you don't have children and have to pay for daycare you don't have to pay for going to work (bus card or having two cars), you manage with smaller wardrobe, your hubby manages with smaller wardrobe because laundry is always done, you don't have to eat expensive lunches out etc.

  6. People are not taught budgeting any more, plus there is a cultural expectation that the wife will work and help pay the bills. Of course, in a wealthy Western country it should be possible to live on one income, after all, people do it all the time in poor Third World ones, but that would mean foregoing certain things. I believe in the freedom of choice, but I wish people would stop pretending that they really don´t have a choice...