donderdag 15 januari 2015

Don't Fall In Love With A Railroad Man

Just felt like posting it today.

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  1. Ah, the band who wrote 'Venus'! I didn't know anything else of theirs, until now, this, first time hearing it. Good stuff! :)

  2. Indeed, and other than 'Venus', I've never heard anything else of theirs on the radio here, despite their singing in English, and despite other English-singing Dutch bands like Golden Earring having some hits on our radio.

    This is something I love about the Internet era: discovering new to me stuff that's been around for some time, like that New Year's skit you shared, popular in Europe but unknown in English-speaking countries, despite being in English. ("Same as last year?" "Same as every year!") :)


    This one was quite famous, too. Nirvana made a cover of it in the 1990s. I prefer the original version, though.


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