Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Results Of An Afternoon Walk

We've got some nice weather again, so last Saturday we went for a walk in the country:

And visited some farms:

Where we bought these free range eggs:

We visited an antique store where I was fortunate enough to find this tea set:

(an imitation of Royal Albert, made in Germany). Doesn't it look pretty on a cupboard shelf?

I decided to use it every day and put my old tea set away. The price was only 12.50, and as a bonus we got these pears from the lady who owned the shop:

So I decided to use them to make jam:

Here is the end result (it is delicious!):

I'm afraid my jam jars aren't glamorous, but they didn't cost me anything as I recycled them:)
Next time I'll try to write something more intellectual, so stay tuned:)

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