Thursday, May 8, 2014

In Honour Of The V-Day

There are two old war comedies we watched recently.

 The first one is a British film called The Square Peg. It tells a story of an indomitable Mr Pitkin (played by Norman Wisdom), a road worker for the city government, who finds himself in the army together with his boss, Mr Grimsdale. Through a series of blunders, they end up in France behind the enemy lines, where Pitkin realises he looks like a German general's twin, which leads to all sorts of adventures.

Here is a trailer:
The Square Peg, UK Trailer

Here is the whole movie on YouTube:
The Square Peg

The second is a French 1966 movie called La Grande Vadrouille, starring Bourvil and Louis De Funes. A british bomber plane is shot down over Paris, three pilots are trying to escape, with the help of two Frenchmen, a beautiful girl and nuns. The film has its own risky moments, but they are very tame comparing to what we see in the movies now. Since it is a comedy, nobody dies. I could only find this trailer in French on YouTube:

La Grande Vadrouille

Hope you'll enjoy them!

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