Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Fashions,

new projects and other good things in life.

I finally finished knitting a detachable collar/scarf  for my winter cardi. Actually I did it some time ago but was too lazy to post pictures, so I'm doing it now:

I wore the scarf a couple of times, but separately as the weather has been too warm to wear the cardigan. We have had no winter at all this year. However, I'm not discouraged and so I started working on a summer project from a new Verena magazine. It's also a twin set, a top and a cardi:

Originally I wanted to knit this (from the same magazine) but couldn't find the yarn:

It's very beautiful and feminine, don't you think so? Unfortunately the guy at the market where I buy all my yarn doesn't sell angora blends for needles size 2.5 , so I opted  for the grey-and-pink  cardi instead.

As you have noticed, flowers and short skirts are in fashion, but also very long ones, like this knitted dress:

Isn't it romantic? Too bad that my husband simply hates dresses this long, he calls them "garments" and thinks they are only suitable for hippies:)

This length he approves of, though:

May be when I have more time, I'll knit the skirt, only in a different colour. It can actually be worn as a blouse, with the pockets functioning as (short) sleeves!

I'm also planning to make some decorations for the Easter tree:

Chickens and rabbits and I already bought felt in different colours:

(This is what my husband calls "useful ladylike activities", and also thinking about embroidery and kittens:)

Actually I bought this magazine (it's a German one called "Anna") because of this:

 Isn't it a darling little red dress? I like the new fashions, they are very colourful and feminine. What project are you working at?

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