Monday, March 31, 2014

Girls' Fashions, Then And Now


And now...(fill in the blank for yourself:)
Progress or degradation? What do you think?


  1. Feminine girls became feminine women, back then.

    Degradation, alas, has been what has happened, not progress...

  2. Yes, girls were taught how to be little ladies, but boys' fashions deteriorated as well!

  3. Oh, absolutely; I can't tell you how much I hate the baggy, saggy pants boys and young men today wear...

  4. And oversized t-shirts with slogans! And those aren't only the young men, either, I've seen fathers of the family dressed like toddlers. Really, how can a man project authority when he looks like this?

  5. Those girls look like little ladies. They even went to school in and played in cute little dresses. Everything is just so upside down nowadays.

  6. Please do not get me started *sigh*

    and yes, in my category, t-shirt is considered as underwear, with or without slogans *double sigh*

  7. There was a lovely blog called Old Southern Garden, and she had posts about gracious warderobe for women and she pointed out several times how horrible clothing is advertised for girls. So sad. I feel old. And I surely miss her blog.

    BTW, thank you for the link for Grace & Poise. It's like a ray of sun on internet!

  8. You are welcome, Miriam!
    T-shirts can have their place in the wardrobe, just as jeans, but they belong to the "casual" category. Not so long ago, people used to dress differently for every occasion, and day wear was much more formal, while now grandparents seem to copy the way their grandkids dress.