Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday News Roundup

This week I had one of my Lucy moments. Just like the guy out of the video in the previous post, my dear husband is of opinion that proper ladies should be only interested in fluffy kittens gardening and embroidery, and not worry their pretty little heads about golden standard European politics, so recently he told me to stop worrying about recession and to try and be more like Lucy (Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy, that is). Being a dutiful wife, I watched a couple of Lucy episodes in which she bought herself new dresses and travelled to Italy, and then went to town and bought myself an Italian dress:

It was on sale, for the half of the original price, so it was really a deal. The dress is sleeveless and for more formal occasions I 'm planning to wear it with a cute cardi, but as it's not that warm at our home, I wear it in the evenings with a black blouse underneath.

The cat spent the night outside as usual, came home early in the morning, tore a hole in the garbage bag, dug up the chicken bones from the yesterday dinner and chewed them up. He then installed himself on the dinner table, which is strictly prohibited, and went to sleep. When I came down later in the morning I just could see him jumping off the table. Taking a newspaper, I ran several times around the table trying to give him his just deserts, and when I finally succeeded he went and ate up the remnants of the bone before I could clean the kitchen floor. He spent the rest of the day sleeping on our bed.

I had a visitor this morning and we had a great time gossiping discussing how to make the world a better place, and after she left there was a clogged drain to fix and other housekeeping tasks which needed the homemaker's urgent attention, but I still found time to read the news and that's what I found: a study, according to which men who spend more time doing traditional feminine tasks around the house, report having less... well less intimacy with their wives:) Or in other news, science proves that the sky is blue, the water is wet and the traditional family works best . And now gentle reader, it's tea time  so till the next time...

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