Friday, September 15, 2023

No More Mister Nice Guy

 Here is actually a kinda interesting post from VD:

 As Sun Tzu says, to win, one must know the enemy as well as knowing oneself. This is why Deltas so often lose in situations they could easily win, as they make no effort to understand or anticipate their opposition, but are more concerned about being seen to be doing the right thing. Howeve, the last thing a woman who is ending her marriage in search of fun and freedom wants is to be tied down full-time by her children, with even less time for fun and games than she had when she was married.

I should add that men have a natural advantage over women, even in our feminised and increasingly misandric society. However, they are constantly shamed by basically everyone around them into not using it. It worked with Baby Boomers and is one of the reasons the 1960s feminists were so successful: because of the rather misplaced chivalry of the men of that generation.

However, there is literally zero reason to be chivalrous in a situation which the linked blog post describes. Sometimes you need to go for the jugular...

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