Monday, August 7, 2023

I Get Up At 6 To Make My Hubby Breakfast

 Even though I can't agree with her husband-finding methods, this is quite impressive by modern standards:

WAKING up at 6am, Bronte Rawlingson rushes to the kitchen to whip up her husband’s favourite breakfast before a day of cleaning and looking after their children...

Dropping out of private school for love and then choosing to become a teen mum at 19, she is a self-confessed “traditional wife” and has no interest in having a career.

The 29-year-old is married to Phil, 35, a plumbing business owner, and says staying home and being “feminine” helps their marriage flourish.

She adds: “I believe one of the reasons there are so many failed marriages is that women don’t behave in the way men want...

... I get up at 6am to make my hubby breakfast & clean, if women looked after their men like me they wouldn’t get divorced



  1. I cook breakfast for my husband and deliver it to him in our home office pretty promptly between 7 and 7:30 most mornings. I cannot tell you how many women I have encountered over the years who were either aghast, amazed or impressed at this over extension of myself. (and I mean devout women who are decent wives!)

    Ditto that I iron his shirts, etc. Each man has different things that matter to him so I'm not going to assume all wives have to do what I do. However, my general observation is that most married women divert the totality of their energy to their children as soon as they start arriving. If their husband is fortunate enough to have a wife who actually is in love with him, they'll start to pay more attention to him when the kids start growing older, but....

  2. Mine doesn't eat breakfast at home. But I do pack his lunch every day. And when we are at a party with buffet I will fill his plate, and yes, folks do stare when I do it, but I don't care:) Men like when you make a fuss about them:)

  3. Years ago, I was unemployed a few months. I would "entertain" the lady in the early morning. Well, I really wanted the 'entertainment,' but after that and while she was getting ready for work, I would make her a small breakfast and sent her out with a lunch if she wanted one and always had dinner ready when she came home. :)

  4. My husband makes tea for me in the evening and brings it upstairs which is very sweet of him:)