Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Royals Aren't All That Great

 A British historian who wrote a book revealing Lord Mountbatten’s “weakness for underage men” has welcomed the news that a former resident of the Kincora Boy’s Home has waived his anonymity to make allegations of rape and sexual abuse against the earl as part of a civil action lodged in a Belfast court. 

Arthur Smyth, who was at Kincora in the 1970s as a child, alleges that he was abused twice in 1977 by Mountbatten, and that other minors from the home were also abused by the earl. He says that the trauma led him to feel suicidal and that he later tried to end his life, ramming his bike into oncoming traffic.

“I am delighted that Arthur Smyth has gone public,” Andrew Lownie, an author and literary agent who has fought a long-running, costly battle to have full access to Mountbatten’s papers, told The Telegraph.

“It further backs up the claims of the two victims I interviewed who were abused in 1977 and confirms that the claims of paedophilia against Mountbatten in the FBI files can be taken seriously,” he said.

He also said that the Gardai should release the logs of Mountbatten’s movements at the time the abuse was alleged to have taken place.

Mountbatten was a great uncle of Britain’s King Charles, and a high-profile member of the British Royal family. Rumours of paedophilia have followed the earl for decades.

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